software updates (changelog)

Restarters․net is a work in progress. We’ve already come a long way but are constantly working to add new features and improve the existing platform. Take a look at our roadmap to see where we’re heading.

Currently, we release new updates every few months. We’ll keep this discussion up to date with all the latest changes.

:bulb: Suggest new features and vote for other people’s ideas in #help:feature-requests

:bug: Report any bugs or errors you find in #help:bug-reports

November 2018

v4.1 (full release notes on Github)

:spiral_notepad: Record more repair information

Added new fields to Fixometer

We’ve added new fields for recording more detail about the devices we see at events:

  • spare parts information
  • barriers to repair
  • sources of repair information

:globe_with_meridians: Teach the Fixometer your language

Added support for localisation of the Fixometer is going multilingual! We’ve added a translation function, which will allow us to collectively work on versions in any language.

:mailbox: Better notifications

Improved Fixometer notifications

We’ve made some improvements to how in-site notifications work. Previously, notifications only showed past events without devices added. But now:

  • we also show any notification that was previously an email notification (e.g. received invitation to event, new event created, etc.)
  • notifications can be marked as read
  • if opted in to receive emails, will also receive an email notification as well
  • hosts will get a notification for events that have no data entered after 3 days

:bar_chart: Understand your data better

Improved data visualisation on Fixometer

Did you know you can embed your group’s stats from the Fixometer into your external website? Well now, you get a bit more control over how this works. Here’s what’s new:

  • CO2 equivalance visualisation split into two separate visualisations (manufacturing equivalence, and consumption equivalence)
  • manufacturing equivalence visualisation shows progress towards ‘next level’ of equivalence

If you’re already using these data embeds, they will continue to work as normal :slight_smile:

:bug: Bug Fixes

Click/tap for full list
  • broken event links on Dashboard
  • users with host role and member of a group but not host of the group, see ‘Update group’ link on dashboard
  • error message when requesting contributions to an event
  • spare parts field not dynamically updated when editing devices on event screen
  • editing a device gets stuck on ‘Saving…’ for a host of the group that didn’t attend the event
  • host who is host of multiple groups gets error when creating an event
  • when a device has been saved as Misc, can’t amend the weight when returning to edit it
  • devices saved as None of the above displayed as ‘None of the above’ in the list until page refresh
  • group tags filter lost when paging
  • filtering by group country
  • can’t remove group tags from a group
  • error when updating a device via the devices page
  • users can create new skills in their profile and this subsequently causes error on group page
  • improved subject line and copy on new event notification
  • improved subject line and copy on new group notification

January 2019

:mag: Repair Data Navigator

Added the ability to search & filter the Fixometer repair database

We’re really excited to announce the launch of a new feature on the Fixometer: the Repair Data Navigator. The Repair Data Navigator allows searching and filtering of all previous repair attempts recorded in the Fixometer.

You can filter by device details (product category, brand, model), repair details (repair status, problem/solution), and event details (group, event dates):

So for example, if you’re doing a fix on an iPhone with a cracked screen, you could search iPhone in the model filter, ‘screen’ in the problem/solution filter, and see all past attempts on these fixes, find out what worked, what didn’t, and what were useful sources of information, etc. If you’re just interested in the successful (or potentially successful) repairs, you could filter repair status by both ‘Fixed’ and ‘Repairable’.

As another example: as a host if you’re interested in seeing how many mobiles have been fixed across all of your events, you can could filter by the device category ‘Mobile’ and the repair status ‘Fixed’.

You can access the Repair Data Navigator in the main menu - either at the top on desktop:

Or the bottom on mobile:


Some ideas for the future

  • linking through to the event the repair took place at
  • displaying environmental impact statistics for the filtered repairs
  • breaking up the problem and solution into individual fields
  • and more - please share your ideas!

If you’re keen to explore any of our/your data in more detail, take a look at this discussion:
Exploring our repair data - what do you want to know?

:mailbox_with_mail: Better integrated Talk into the Fixometer

Added notifications and latest discussions from Talk on the Fixometer

This forum (Restarters Talk) is one of the three core modules of - it’s where the latest conversations around community repair and our right to repair are happening. We’ve added in direct integration to the Restarters dashboard to keep you posted on hot topics and new notifications from Restarters Talk.

:ballot_box: Ability to vote on discussions on Talk

Added a plugin to Talk to allow voting on discussions in selected categories

All details in this discussion

:translate: Automatic translation of discussions on Talk

Added inline translation plugin on Talk

All details in this discussion

April 2019

:link: Invite people to your event/group with a just a link

Added ability to generate individual invitation links for groups and events

You could already invite anyone to your event or to follow your group by sending them an email from the group or event page. Now, we’ve added the ability to do this with a special link that you can use anywhere you want.

:spiral_calendar: Add events to your personal calendar

Added ability to download a calendar file readable by common calendar applications

You can now add any event to your personal calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal or Yahoo). This is particularly useful for group members who don’t log in to the platform very often but want to remember when events are happening.

:pencil2: Custom branding for different repair networks

Added basic whitelabelling option for repair network partners

We’ve been working with the two main repair networks in Belgium on a slightly re-branded version of Restarters․net for groups in their respective regions. This includes setting the language and using a custom logo. Have a look at Repair Together’s version to see what this looks like.

:outbox_tray: Using Restarters․net data on other websites

Added a Restarters․net API

We’ve built a Restarters․net API! It’s now possible to include groups and/or events from Restarters․net on external websites (in a similar way to what we do on our own site). This will allow repair networks to display their groups and events from Restarters․net on their own websites.

:robot: Send Talk notifications to 3rd party chat apps

Added chatbot plugin to Talk that allows integration with common IM applications

All details in this discussion.

July 2019

:bulb: click/tap on the triangles :arrow_forward:︎ to display more info on each update

:calendar: New, super-customisable event feeds

Have events from any group(s) and/or area(s) appear in your personal calendar
  • subscribe to calendar feeds in your Google/Apple/Outlook/Yahoo calendar apps
  • curate your own personal calendar feed for events organised by groups you follow
  • add event feeds from any individual group
  • add event feeds from any city or region (e.g. London)
  • find calendar links on main events page, individual group pages, or your own personal Calendar section in your preferences

:spiral_calendar: Improved main events page

Made events that appear on the events page more relevant

Past events

  • past events now filtered to show only events from your groups or events that you attended
  • new ‘all past events’ page created
  • past events with missing data now are now highlighted (if there are no registered participants, no repair data or fewer than 2 volunteers)

Upcoming events

  • added section to show ‘upcoming events near you’ (if you have added a location to your profile)
  • upcoming events for groups you follow are now highlighted if you haven’t RSVPed to them yet

:busts_in_silhouette: Improved main groups page

Made the groups page more useful by adding events and 'follow' buttons
  • added a link to each group’s next event
  • added a ‘follow’ button for each group listed
  • no. of hosts/restarters removed from the main groups page to reduce clutter

:email: Better welcome emails

New series of welcome emails
  • after signing up, new members will now be able to choose to receive guidance on how to use Restarters․net for a variety of purposes.

:wrench: Minor changes

A few small 'quality of life' improvements to make things more intuitive
  • improved the way hosts ask repair volunteers to review repair data (‘request contributions’ changed to ‘request review’ & added a confirmation dialog when sending a request
  • name of event changed to ‘Venue name’
  • dismissable new feature notification to help explain new features

:bug: Bug fixes

We applied our repair philosophy to our own software.
  • Sometimes an event’s location didn’t geocode properly, which caused all kinds of havoc. We now trap these errors.
  • The email invite to volunteers didn’t allow line breaks, which made emails a bit too ‘stream of consciousness’. You can now unleash your inner Austen and send perfectly formatted, letter-style email invites with paragraphs and everything.
  • The column for brand was too narrow when changing brand on existing device. To avoid having to invent a whole system for abbreviations, we’ve just made the column wider.
  • Previously, you couldn’t add two new brands in a row. It turns out there are a lot of brands out there, so now you can add as many new brands as you find. #GottaCatchEmAll