Plugin request: Chatroom integration (Telegram etc.)



Another potentially useful plugin is the Chatroom Integration Plugin:

This would allow the following:

Integration with Telegram would be useful for the Italian community (@Filippo, @marco, @Rosario_Antoci, @Sergio) and this would replace our current Slack integration plugin.

Sidenote: I don’t believe our current hosting package includes any additional plugins, so we’d have to upgrade


Quick, but exciting update: this plugin is now enabled!

I’ve set up integration with Telegram, meaning this forum can now push notifications to a Telegram group, chat or channel.

@Filippo, @Rosario_Antoci, @marco, @Sergio - you can add the Restarters Telegram bot to your group (or a new group) by pasting this link into the group:

You’ll then see an option to add the bot to the group. When you accept it, you’ll be given a code. Let me know what the code is and I can grant you access.

Once the bot is enabled, you can control which notifications you receive with the following commands:

  • /watch [category] [tag:name]
    notify this channel for new topics and new replies matching rule
    (e.g. /watch events -or- /watch tag:italia)

  • /follow [category] [tag:name]
    notify this channel for new topics matching rule

  • /mute [category] [tag:name]
    block notifications to this channel for posts matching rule

  • /remove [rule number]
    remove a rule (see /status for numbers)

  • /status
    list all rules for this channel

  • /help
    display a help message

Fai un 'clic' qui per questo messaggio in italiano

Aggiornamento rapido, ma bello: questo plugin è ora abilitato!

Ho impostato l’integrazione con Telegram. Quindi, questo forum può inviare notifiche ad un gruppo, chat o canale di Telegram.

@Filippo, @Rosario_Antoci, @marco, @Sergio - potete aggiungere il RestartersBot al tuo gruppo Telegram (o a un nuovo gruppo) incollando questo link nel gruppo:

Quando lo accetti, ti verrà dato un codice. Fammi sapere qual è il codice e lo collegherò.

Una volta che il bot è abilitato, è possibile controllare quali notifiche si ricevono con i seguenti comandi:

  • /watch [categoria] [tag:name]
    notificare questo canale con nuovi argomenti e nuove risposte che corrispondono a questa regola
    (es. /watch events -o- /watch tag:italia)

  • /follow [category] [tag:name]
    notificare questo canale con nuovi argomenti che corrispondono a questa regola

  • /mute [category] [tag:name]
    bloccare le notifiche a questo canale per i messaggi che corrispondono a questa regola

  • /rimuovere [numero di regola]
    rimuovere una regola (vedere /status per i numeri)

  • /status
    vedere tutte le regole per questo canale.

  • /help
    visualizza un messaggio di aiuto


hi james. this is the code you asked for:
‘Chat ID’ 198037311
thanks a lot :wink:


Thanks Marco!

I’ve activated the bot for your channel now :+1:

Let me know if you encounter any problems


hi james. i correctly created two rules as you can see:

please, confirm me that this is the right way to receive automatically on our telegram group everything concerning fixfest or italia that will appear on restarters net. thanks a lot.


Hi Marco,

That’s great. I can confirm that the rule you have created will automatically post any new discussions or replies to any discussion that has the tags ‘fixfest’ and/or ‘italia’ :+1:

That would definitely include this main discussion:


thanks a lot :ok_hand:


Taking another quick look at the screenshot Marco, it looks like you set the rule in a private conversation with the Restarters Bot. That means the rule will only apply to that specific conversation.

If you want the bot to post in the ‘Restarter italia’ group conversation, you will need to add the bot to that chat and then set the rule(s) there too.

Does that make sense?


hi james.
perhaps last time i made a bit of confusion :blush:
as you can see from my previous screenshot i made the rules on bot and not on our own group (CD Restarters Firenze).
so now i added the bot to our group and i received the following message:

This chat isn’t setup on The Restarters Community. Ask an administrator to add a channel with ‘Chat ID’ -146979609."
could you please add this new chat ID?
after - if now i have finally correctly understood - i will able to add the rules into the right group…
sorry but i’m not experienced with bot behaviour :roll_eyes:
many thanks
btw: as you suggested, quite same problems on the other group, Restarter italia where we received the message:

This chat isn’t setup on The Restarters Community. Ask an administrator to add a channel with ‘Chat ID’ -1001104265044."
on reply with /status@RestartersBot command
thanks again :wink:


Hi Marco,

I’ve now set up both channels and created the same rules for both: you should now receive notifications in both group chats whenever a post is made on the forum in a discussion tagged ‘fixfest’ and/or ‘italia’ :slight_smile:

You can change this using the bot commands above.


hi James.
i tried few minutes ago but still receive the same messages (both group): “This chat isn’t setup blablabla”.
what’s went wrong? :thinking:


Hi Marco - I’ve changed a setting. Could you check again now?


that’s great! working both group :slight_smile:
many thanks.


Great! Glad it works :slight_smile: