Inline translation for discussions



There’s a large and increasing number of members from non-English speaking countries on the forum. While it’s already possible to change the interface language, I suspect it would be really helpful to have inline translation for posts too.

Looks like there’s an officially-supported Discourse plugin for this:

This would potentially be a fairly quick way to add some significant ‘boom’ factor to the forum! :boom:

Would this be helpful for you (and your volunteers) @Club_de_Reparadores, @Fernando_GA, @Filippo, @Karel_De_Schepper, @marco, @Maja_van_der_Velden, @Rosario_Antoci, @Sergio & @ssebti ?

Sidenote: I don’t believe our current hosting package includes any additional plugins, so we’d have to upgrade


Hey James!

Seems like a great idea! I’d be a bit worried about the quality of translation though, but this is better than nothing, of course. :slight_smile:
Fortunately for us at Hong Kong, my entire team and guests are fluent in English, so this won’t be too big of a necessity for us - maybe the others here find it more useful? :wink:


Thanks for that Fernando, good to know that this isn’t necessarily a priority for your team. Yes, I don’t know how good the translations would be. The plugin can use either Google translate or Microsoft translate. Does your team mainly speak Cantonese as a first language?


We have quite a diverse team and community; while Cantonese would usually be the first language, we tend to stick to English to accommodate for the international students, staff or faculty in our university. Of course, however, supplying some materials like these in Cantonese would be beneficial for some people whose English is a bit lacking - but it’s definitely not too big of an issue right now. :slight_smile:


quote fernando.
i prefer to join in english (my poor but not artificial english).
moreover, i dislike to ask for help to Big Brothers :wink:


@marco, un amico mi ha raccomandato questo sito:

Mentre la versione gratuita è limitata, mi sembra meno problematica di Google Translate (e anche funzione bene)


many thanks James.
i’ll get a try :slight_smile:


We’re happy to announce that this feature is now live!

If you would like to view the forum in a certain language, make sure you have selected the Interface language you want in your user settings.

Posts that are in a different language to your interface language now have a little globe icon at the bottom, which translates that post into your language: 40

Note: this feature is powered by Microsoft’s translation services

Note: we have a monthly limit of 2 million characters (roughly 300,000 words in English) before we have to start paying

Here’s an example from another site:


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