Plugin request: Topic voting



Thinking about intelligent ways to manage feature requests, it might be useful to implement an ideation mechanism, such as the ability to vote on discussions themselves (as supposed to polls within a discussion or simply liking posts).

One feature that makes this particular plugin useful is that every member only gets a limited number of votes, meaning voting on one thing may impact your ability to vote on something else - a useful way to encourage prioritisation.


Looks good to me, as an in-platform uservoice.

It probably won’t be quite as fancypants as uservoice, but a good start in community-based prioritisation, and with the definite benefit of not being yet another platform for people to access.


James - yes, the RSA use something like this for members to vote on ideas and projects. But it runs as separate site ( I’m currently away but can probably dig some info out when I’m back.


This plugin has now been implemented :+1:

See the new #restarters-dev:feature-requests category to see it in action!