UK: Tracking contacts with MPs to endorse The Manchester Declaration

We’re asking our MPs to meet us to talk about the importance of repair, as well as to read and endorse the Manchester Declaration. :wrench::earth_africa::scroll:

Here’s some background, and a sample of a letter to write to your MP, with simple instructions on how send the message.

We’re not yet collecting signatures for a petition — here’s why.

Please don’t forget to cc in your follow up messages with MP staffers :slight_smile: or let us know your progress in this discussion below

Signatory Contacted MP? Appointment made? Endorsement?
Banbury Community Action Group - - -
Bath Share & Repair - - -
Repair Café Belfast - - -
Bewdley Repair Café - - -
Boothstown Repair Café - - -
Brighton Repair Café - - -
Cambridge Repair Café - - -
Cirencester Repair Café - - -
Cottenham Repair Café - - -
Crystal Palace Fixers - - -
Crediton Repair Café - - -
Didcot Repair Cafe - - -
Durham Free Software Skill-Share - - -
Eyal Repair Café - - -
Farnham Repair Café - - -
SHARE: A Library of Things / Frome Repair Cafe - - -
Fulbourn Repair Café - - -
Repair Café Glasgow :white_check_mark: - -
Hackney Fixers - - -
Hillingdon Friends of the Earth / Restarters West London - - -
Restarters Kensal to Kilburn - - -
Kidderminster Repair Cafe - - -
Repair Café Leamington Spa - - -
Repair Café Leeds - - -
Leicester Fixers - - -
Malvern Hills Repair Cafe - - -
Melton Space - - -
SHARE Oxford :white_check_mark: - -
The Pembrokeshire Remakery :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: -
Repair Café Plymouth - - -
Repair Café Portsmouth :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: -
Reading Repair Cafe :white_check_mark: - -
Soham Repair Café - - -
Stitched Up Co-operative – Manchester Repair Café - - -
Restart HQ (Brixton) :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: -
Restart HQ (Camden) :white_check_mark: - -
Transition Chesterfield Repair Cafe :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: -
Repair Café Wales - - -
West Fleetwood Computer Clinic :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: -
Repair Cafe Winscombe - - -

Well done @Repair_Cafe_Glasgow @Portsmouth_Repair_Ca @Stuart_Ward @Anne_Carlos for leading the way!


Has our MP replied to you directly about an appointment? As I haven’t heard anything back yet?


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Fixed! No, we don’t have a direct line with your MP sorry for the mistake :hammer_and_wrench:

If all the stars align we may have our local MP and RT TV together at our next Repair event. My hope is we can get him to endorse the Manchester Deceleration on the TV.


So when we meet our MPs any tips on what we’re talking about…and how you want them to ‘endorse’ it?

Congrats on getting your meeting, Clare!

Our idea for this meeting is to

  1. Introduce our work locally - and the scope/scale, using stats from the Fixometer
  2. Thank our MP for a good record on environmental issues (found on TheyWorkforYou)
  3. Discuss how the Right to Repair is key to reaching NetZero and green jobs
  4. Review the key pillars of Right to Repair, asking for future support for these:
  • access to quality spare parts
  • access to repair documentation
  • design for disassembly

Feel free to remix or adapt as necessary!

An endorsement for the Manchester Declaration is an MP’s office literally sending an email to us at

Just to add to Janet’s points, a key area we would like address at policy level is that access to spare parts and repair information needs to exist for all products and to be guaranteed for everyone, not just professional repairers.

We’re specific about this, because of the initial mentions of repair in EU regulations are far less inclusive, and would for example not grant access to repair documentation to Repair Cafes and Restart Parties volunteers

stand with us for our Right to Repair, by making repair more accessible and affordable

@ugo Any plans to make this wording more explicit, as it could be interpreted that allowing only professional repairers access to this data is complying with this aspect of the MD?

Really good point. We’re not planning to change the text of the declaration, however we are thinking about additional resources that could address specific policy asks in the UK context, as hinted in the blog post I’ve linked above. So that once we have sufficient attention by MPs, we can articulate what a universal Right to repair looks like

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