UK: Tracking contacts with MPs to endorse The Manchester Declaration

Great to hear Clare @Clare_Seek, and thanks for following-up @Alison_Buckland.
We’re also waiting to hear from @Alexandra_Mates in Oxford and @Anne_Carlos from West Fleetwood, who are due to meet with their MPs very soon :hammer_and_wrench::crossed_fingers:t4:

Meanwhile we’re now at over 45 community repair groups which have signed the Declaration, and we’re reaching out to new signers asking them to contact their MPs as well

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Thanks @ugo. I’m meeting Anneliese Dodds on the 27th August - fingers crossed! I still need to do my homework!

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I don’t agree with the first sentence of the letter!
The problem with the recycling policy is that local government already has too much freedom and have no correlation between them.
Then, if it was done it properly they should be making money and not requiring ongoing funding.

Hi everyone, happy to report that Stephen Morgan MP for Portmouth South just endorsed the Manchester Declaration - thanks to a visit by Clare from @Clare_Seek - well done!


Hi everyone, Cat Smith, MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood just signed the Declaration - well done @Anne_Carlos and everyone at West Fleetwood computer clinic! Looking forward to new endorsements in the next few days…


How did your meeting with Anneliese Dodds go @Alexandra_Mates? :slight_smile:

Brilliant! He’s also up for doing a display in the window of his constituency office, or items that we struggle to repair due to the points raised in the Declaration. Any suggestions of the worst offenders, and any stats to link to them, appreciated.


@james fortunately Anneliese was called in London on the 27th… her secretary said she would get back to me with a different date, I also sent a follow up email, and I’m still waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed!

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Ah that’s a shame @Alexandra_Mates! I imagine she has other priorities at the moment, but let’s hope her staff gets back to you soon :crossed_fingers:

Great tweet by Anneliese Dodds endorsing the Manchester Declaration and #RightToRepair - well done @Alexandra_Mates!


Thanks @ugo! She’s great. I’ve uploaded the doc I took with us, in case it would be useful. I included a brief history of the right to repair movement too, which I enjoyed researching!

Anneliese Dodds MP - Manchester Declaration meeting agenda.pdf (437.4 KB)


I received an email from Meg’s staff, below, please advise on further correspondence.
Dear Alison Buckland

Thank you for your further email regarding the Restart Project.

Regarding your request for Meg to email, could you let us know how this would be used and what exactly you require from Meg?

We were informed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy about the transfer and Meg is now awaiting a response from DEFRA which she will then pass on to you.

Hi @Alison_Buckland,

Thanks for the update - this is how I would respond to Meg’s staff:

The email would be to confirm that Meg Hillier is happy to endorse the Manchester Declaration. Following her confirmation, we would add her name to the list of 6 other MPs who’ve already endorsed it.

Hopefully she’ll agree to it!

I sent your draft but haven’t received anything back as yet, and I guess she hasn’t signed the declaration yet either, shame.

Hi everyone,
Clive Lewis has endorsed the Declaration, after our contact with him last summer (!) and we’re working on Ed Miliband (now Shadow cabinet member for BEIS) whose podcast we appeared on last month. And congrats to Southampton Repair Cafe @david_middlewick @simon_mason who are working on Caroline Nokes, who would be our first Tory endorser. She sent a supportive but unofficial letter, falling short of full endorsement.

To those still seeking endorsement, given our situation, you could propose a video chat with your MP - they might be more available now than ever :wink:

Stay safe!


And hope you’ve seen @Victoria_Jackson @sam_Jarman that Brighton MP seems to be pumped about the Right to Repair! Hope you can get in touch about the Manchester Declaration?

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Great news: Caroline Lucas just endorsed the Declaration! Well done @Victoria_Jackson and @sam_Jarman, hopefully Lloyd Russell-Moyle will follow suit soon!

Is anyone else in touch with their MP? While Restart Parties and Repair Cafes are obviously not taking place, this might be a good time to reach out to your MP and raise the importance of repair, and ask for their endorsement for the Declaration. Let us know if you need any help or advice on this


That’s great. Pointing out that Caroline Lucas is a long-time member of the Commons Environmental Audit Committee which is taking up its e-waste inquiry again after being suspended in November for the election.

And @Sarah_Maloy, as I’m now a Nottingham resident, shall we reach out to Nadia Whittome, the most junior member of the EAC, who is making waves herself? :slight_smile:

Happy to announce that Caroline Nokes MP is the first Conservative party MP to endorse the Declaration - well done to Angela from Southampton Repair Cafe for making this happen! @David_Middlewick @Simon_Mason


Well done to @James_Diamond of Hackney Fixers for confirming the endorsement of Meg Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch, after the initial contact by @Alison_Buckland last year!

Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight from 8pm for the opening session of Fixfest UK where we’ll be discussing Right to Repair in the UK and next steps for the Manchester Declaration - it’s not too late, join now!