UK: Tracking contacts with MPs to endorse The Manchester Declaration

Great to hear Clare @Portsmouth_Repair_Ca, and thanks for following-up @Alison_Buckland.
We’re also waiting to hear from @Alexandra_Mates in Oxford and @Anne_Carlos from West Fleetwood, who are due to meet with their MPs very soon :hammer_and_wrench::crossed_fingers:t4:

Meanwhile we’re now at over 45 community repair groups which have signed the Declaration, and we’re reaching out to new signers asking them to contact their MPs as well

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Thanks @ugo. I’m meeting Anneliese Dodds on the 27th August - fingers crossed! I still need to do my homework!

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I don’t agree with the first sentence of the letter!
The problem with the recycling policy is that local government already has too much freedom and have no correlation between them.
Then, if it was done it properly they should be making money and not requiring ongoing funding.