UK: Want guidance on collecting signatures to support R2R letter to local MP

Are there any existing petition/signature collection materials I can use? Could this be a routine part of a party/cafe?

I guess the sort of thing I’m looking for is answers to e.g. Is there any particular wording/information needed on the signature sheet? Any good examples to work from?

We’re not focusing on collecting signatures yet — until we have a more concrete policy ask — so we’re going to try to reach out first to MPs so that we can build positive relationships. The Manchester Declaration allows us to do this, as it’s still very top-level, not requiring a commitment to concrete action.

That said, if you want to include numbers from the Fixometer about participation and impact of your events in our suggested letter, please do, that would definitely help. And if you’d like a contact collection form that is GDPR compliant and allows people to opt-in to receive news from Restart about the Right to Repair, @james and I can help with that!

We’re still working on formulating more concrete asks in the UK towards Right to Repair. The way forward a European level seems clearer. Recent setbacks to those working to reform “fast fashion” should be a caution to us…


Thanks - glad I asked.

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