Save the date - Saturday 7th March, join us for Open Data Day

:rotating_light: UPDATE: here is the thread for today’s event: Get involved in Repair Data with MiscCat!

This year’s Open Data Day is coming up - Saturday 7th March.

We’ll be bringing open repair data to the global event again this year, with a new online game to play.

We’ll be running an online event from 1pm - 4pm GMT on the day. Please register for a ticket below, to give us an indication of numbers.

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Hope you can make it! :slight_smile:

:spiral_calendar: 2020-03-07T13:00:00Z (duration: 3 hours total - but drop in whenever and for however long you can)
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Last year for open data day we started our dive into fault categorisation, culminating in FaultCat :cat:.

For this year’s event we’re working on a new online game (current codename: MiscCat :smirk_cat:).

We’ll be using it to check through the devices that have been categorised as ‘Misc’ in the Fixometer - we think a lot of them can be categorised as something else. We’ll be investigating new electronic/electrical categories, and we’ll also be working with the categories for non-powered devices we’re currently adding in to the Fixometer. More details soon!


Tough luck for me! That’s the day our allotments have hired a skip — so I might be dealing with an epic pile of “miscellaneous” stuff left by the last plot holder. But I’ll join for a stretch remotely via mobile, to give me some relief from moving rubbish, to simply categorising not-yet-rubbish.

Here’s the size of our “Misc” category — as in The Times — over 1,000 Misc fixes :muscle:


Tickets available now! /cc’ing data delvers :slight_smile: @Data

Get a ticket

The event is completely free - but please register for a ticket in order to give us an indication of numbers.


We’ve got 9 attendees but we’d really like to double that, @Steve_Cook @Panda @Felipe_Fonseca @JEAN_MILPIED @ruth1 @Andrew_Olson @Stuart_Ward in case you can join us :slight_smile:

I signed up. But can’t find where it’s going to be held…

Oh it’s online right?

@Janet sorry I am helping start a new Repair Cafe in East Garson


Hi @Elena, yep it’s online :slight_smile:

Check back on this topic for more details soon.
Speak then!

registered, but may not be very active on this Saturday as I have Datascience classes at the same time


Registered, if it is going ahead please share the link!!

Hi @Artur_Donaldson ! Looks like you found the event page :slight_smile: But for others, here is the link:

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