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Making a topic to log stories like this:

Sam Mencimer started a business repairing busted phones when he was 12. Now he’s fighting for the right-to-repair while applying to college.

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This is a great story, thanks for sharing Stuart!

Sharing this piece that came out in Grist, a really solid overview of the French repairability index


Janet: At least it is a start but to repair we need access to repair manuals giving circuit / wiring diagrams and part numbers / types. I wonder if that can happen?

In days past circuit diagrams were often provided with new equipment and sometimes a diagram would be inside. Oh I wish!! Much of my time repairing is taken up figuring circuits and even when I locate a faulty component it can take some time to decypher and locate a replacement or appropriate substitute.

Just repaired a friends Roberts stream 83i radio. It had a broken aerial. Roberts is a company that does provide a sensible amount of spares, maybe a bit pricy at £11.70 but it saved an excellent radio heading for the bin.
Full marks to Roberts for these efforts - they have a good online spares shop:

We want more companies like this.

+1 for Roberts, didn’t realise. Just checked out the model of DAB Radio that I got my mum for Christmas, and it’s £14.35 for replacement aerial and battery cover, delivered. So that’s good to know. Do you think this is why the queen endorses them? :wink:

Even the BBC news

Green Alliance (and we) made submissions to the Commons Environmental Audit Committee on lowering VAT for repairs. Their endorsement is getting good press coverage!

It’s not a “silver bullet” but could be an important pro-repair step.


Liked the article but I’m not sure cleaning solar panels as in the picture is smart idea :astonished: