Repair Café's 'RepairMonitor' - now free-to-access


The Repair Café Foundation have been developing their own tool for collecting repair data at events called the RepairMonitor. It looks like it’s now open for all repair café groups to register and uses the same Open Data Standard we developed with Repair Café as part of the Open Repair Alliance we helped found together.

We don’t have access to this tool ourselves, but would love to learn more about it with a view to exploring how our two platforms (RepairMonitor and the Fixometer) can complement each other in this space. In particular, we’re keen to know what data can be recorded, what impact stats are calculated and what else it can do.

Does anyone already use the RepairMonitor tool?

(@Ian_Barnard, I wonder whether you do?)


First I’ve heard of it. Not wanting to double-report, my data is heading towards the Fixometer :slight_smile:


Good to know, thanks Ian!


Super keen to know more about this topic as like Ian, we’re not keen on duplicating reporting!


We’re really concerned with data “portability”, and ensuring that you can download and move your data. And as @james suggests, we’re working on a data standard that will make it possible to aggregate all of our data globally.

We discuss this (and more!) here, if you’d like to weigh in, we’re looking for feedback!


We’re on it, but I’ve only entered the data for one session so far, as I haven’t had the time. It takes all our data and also, in theory, gives us a way to actually log people in at the session and manage the process at the event…however, that involves us having a couple of iPads/tablets, which we don’t currently have.
It also takes all the items we get, not just electrical, so gives a larger data set.
Let me know if you want more info.
Obviously for those of us on the ground, we’d love just one system, but appreciate you’re two different organisations, so it’s not quite that simple.


Thanks @Portsmouth_Repair_Ca I understood that from watching the video - great if people can get this to work! We have yet to really find a way to make this work at larger events, and a way to do it without ditching our beloved flipchart waiting list. (Also, we also opted not to assign repairs to individuals on the Fixometer to avoid in worst-case-scenario being dragged into product liability claims.)

Does it work ok for logging data after the event? (And assuming there is no spreadsheet upload mechanism?)

Last question: as far as I know, there is no CO2 emissions prevented calculation, just weight?


Thank you for sharing this, it looks amazing! I am definitely keen to give it a go.


That’s great Alex! If you sign up, could you help us understand it a bit more? Like I said, we’d love to know what data can be recorded, what impact stats are calculated and what else it can do.