Enhancing Fixometer to CRM, JOB management system



At the moment

  1. There is no way to contact to the restart client after the party, we have applied contact cleaner to old amplifier, but I want to get the feedback /results from the restart client

  2. there is no way to know which device would be brought to be repaired, one client brought a Smartphone for a battery replacement, which requires to remove the front screen with a heat gun. If we know this in advance, I can bring a heavy duty my hairdryer (lol) which successfully remove my OPO screen twice without any damage. I can also bring a 2mm double side tape for reassembling the screen.

Create a job ID, and encourage restart client to check the any update, or further assistant for continues communication between repair volunteers and restart clients. At the moment, everything at Restart party is one off basis. Our volunteer effort are not fully utilised. (“Reparable” needs to convert into “repaired”)

Example: We have helped a Bush flat screen, and power inverter was dead. But we do not have a time to give any specific advice for the parts replacement. It is PCA046FD-011-P-R (PCA046FD011PR) which is the available at ebay at 20 pound, there is no way to contact to this Restart Client at the moment. Our effort won’t be materialised.

I just want to say, "This is your job ID, we will try to update your repair parts information etc, please check it out at http://restarters.net.

In the future, the restart clients would be able to input their devices in advance, (Samsung smartphone model xxx battery replacement with LCD removal) Then we can prepare for heat gun or my hairdryer lol.

I myself have used CRM/job management for Restart volunteer work as well. Sorry but very sad professional habit, I cannot be comfortable until all cases are properly closed.

Live data entry at events

Thanks Toshi, very interesting ideas.

I know some groups do pre-registration of devices, e.g. Restarters Barcelona, Farnham Repair Cafe, Fixic Clinics. Some also do post-event follow-up, e.g. I think Fixic Clinic does this. From what I recall Farnham RC also has a sticker system with a ‘job id’ of sorts, which I think they use to let them track if a device they see at an event has been at a previous event.

Interestingly at Tooting this weekend two of the devices we saw had been to previous events, where we’d suggested a spare part, which they had purchased and then come back.

We’re also interested in doing follow-ups with participants, to both know what happened to the device and the party-goer as a result of coming.

Would be good to get others’ thoughts on this.


I think there is definitely the need, as a bare minimum, for something like issuing a unique ID for each repair attempt, and having the capability to link multiple attempts to create a “ledger”. And creating a user-friendly way for fixers to search and access these.

I am a little wary to raise expectations of punters that we provide a fully-integrated service that continues outside of pop-up events - especially given recent problems related to repairs being continued outside of repair events.


At the moment, it seems that Fixometer system simply reflected upon what we are doing at Restart Party. (Yes, it is obvious as a first step)

Once we have realised that we have so much limitation at Restart parties, such as on-site work without any information in advance; time restriction up to 3 hours; virtually no interaction between the restart clients and repairers before and after Restart parties. There will be so much potential.

The Fixometer itself is fairly simple system, for instance, no assent /stock control, purchasing invoicing, time management etc. So I think you can expand the current system rather easily and the benefits would be enormous.

The accumulation of the data will be very powerful. For instance, if we would put what kind of parts we used (from Contact cleaner, SSD, LCD board, Capacitor. Sugru etc etc) these will be a great resource. Some might use this for their business development, or academic research etc.

Hope you see the great potential.




I had a thought about this today - if we treated this more as an open referral mechanism and less as a seamless “job management system” - this could be really interesting.

If we referred jobs to businesses listed on our Repair Directory, it would be amazing to have a way of referring in a useful way, that includes information on a repair attempt / diagnosis / etc. (We’ve talked about including journey-people repairers who do not have brick and mortar businesses in the Directory, and this could solve the referral-to-Restarter-post-Restart-Party question.)

Eventually it would be great for businesses to report positive outcomes based on these referrals.


Interestingly, at Saturday’s Hackney event we also had a mobile phone repairer, @Junaid, from Saras Fix, a business listed in the Repair Directory, which learned about our work when contacted about the launch, and seems keen to be attending future events.


We tried this for our event : Zammad
It’s not perfect, but it could be an inspiration for the “ticketing” CRM stuff…

Hope there will be a way to improve restarters more and more :slight_smile:


That’s really interesting @nfavrod! I’ve come across Zammad before as a support desk ticketing system. How did you use it for your event?