Overwhelming bipartisan public support for Right to Repair in the US 🚜 & Canada

Data from YouGov, commissioned by a Democratic research body.

My main question is: what question could each of us ask in our own country, to remix this super effective question from the US?

Currently, some farm equipment providers require customers to use authorized agents to make repairs, rather than allowing farmers to do repairs themselves. Would you support or oppose a policy allowing farmers to repair equipment they own, rather than to have an authorized agent make repairs for them?

Do people care about computer refurbishers and mobile repair shops as much as they care about farmers? What about those who fix TVs? Household appliances? :tractor:

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Looks like the same can be said for Canada :canada: where a recent poll found that a huge 75% of Canadians support the Right to Repair.

Support is high regardless of party identification, age, gender, or region.
Here it is by party identification:

Liberals Green, Bloc or Other NDP (social democrats) Conservative No party
Net support +79 +78 +76 +67 + 64

It further found that the more people know about the right to repair, the more they support it and, interestingly, are less likely to oppose it.

Finally, it also asked about Canadian’s history with discarding broken devices:

Over three-quarters (76%) of Canadians have discarded or replaced a broken device because of a repairable issue: The most common scenarios were discarding/replacing a device simply because of a broken/cracked screen (44% have done so) or a weak/dead battery (42% have done so).

The report was carried out by Innovative Research Group and commissioned by OpenMedia and iFixit, who have a more detailed write up.

Find the full report here [PDF 763 kb]

@Janet, this is probably the equivalent ‘key’ question they asked:

Proposed ‘Right to Repair’ legislation would require manufacturers of electronic devices, appliances, and machinery to make information, parts, and tools necessary for repairs available to consumers and independent repair shops at a reasonable price. Based on what you know or your first impression, would you support or oppose the federal government passing a ‘Right to Repair’ law in Canada?

It looks like it was preceded by the more basic:

How familiar are you with the concept of ‘Right to Repair’ when it comes to electronic devices, appliances, or machinery?

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