New York Right To Repair

(from facebook post Repair Café Hudson Valley - I relayed it on our social networks, facebook & Twitter - Repair Together - this morning))

Repair Cafe - Hudson Valley
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This is a rare instance of inviting our Repair Cafe community to express support for a policy initiative that affects what we do. Legislation to protect our “right to repair” is before lawmakers in 19 states. In New York, the Fair Repair Act has just confirmed sponsorship by Senator Neil Breslin and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, with strong bi-partisan support.

We should be able to fix the products we buy and own, but the companies that make our stuff go out of their way to block repair. They monopolize repair, and charge people whatever they want to drive people to buy new things – from cell phones to vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Even farmers can’t fix their John Deere tractors anymore without going to the dealership. Repairing things is common sense, saves money for consumers and cuts needless waste! We are calling for a policy that will give people what they need to fix their stuff. I urge your support for the Fair Repair Act, Senate bill S6309 and Assembly bill A7416A. Thank you!

Go to the site below to voice your support.

Great to see these bills gaining momentum (again) and Right to Repair issues being endorsed by some big names, like Elizabeth Warren. It does feel like every time a wave of these bills comes around in the USA, they weaken the barriers erected by special interest lobbyists; eventually, one will get through, surely!


Thanks for sharing @Luc_Deriez! In New York, you have professionals who are Right to Repair activists like Jessa Jones and Louis Rossman, who are big on YouTube.

You also have Ethical Culture Fieldston School, home of the first (and only!) Restart Centre, whose educators have been active in this campaign.

It’s been really cool to see educators advocating for the right to repair.

Thx @Janet for this information. It is essential that the actions have more & more repercussions in the fourth corners of the globe with common arguments.