Our work on repair data

This is where we discuss and analyse data on repair.

  • If you have a question :question: on the repair data that has been recorded in the Fixometer, ask it here!
  • If you have done some interesting analysis :bar_chart: on repair data, share it here
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Interested in helping us explore our repair data?

We’ve recorded data on over 13,000 repair attempts made at events across the network. We’re trying to use all this data to work out the positive environmental impact we’re having as well as find out why devices break, how they can be fixed and identify systemic barriers to repair.

:bulb: See our discussion about why computers break :bar_chart: to see an example of this in action.

We are currently welcoming help with the following projects:

:whiskers_left: :one: :cat: FaultCat - repair data for the many, not the few :whiskers_right:

We are looking to get more people involved in improving the quality of our data so we built an app to gather opinions about the types of faults that have been recorded for computers we’ve seen at repair events.
Learn more

:whiskers_left: :two: General opportunities :whiskers_right:

We’re always looking for people to help with the following areas:

  • data analysis
  • data visualisation
  • internet research

If you’re interested in helping out, send a message to @Monique, who is co-ordinating this activity.

If you haven’t signed up to this site yet, we’d love to welcome you!
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:bulb: For further information on the data we’ve recorded in the Fixometer and tools you could use to analyse it, there is more information here.

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