Help us name a new section of this site

Hi everyone :wave:

We’re adding a new section to and we need help deciding what to call it!

Over the last year or so, you may have taken part in the microtask activities we’ve made, like MiscCat, FaultCat or MobiFix. These tasks help us collectively analyse the repair data in the Fixometer to provide insights we can then feed into policy discussions around the Right to Repair.

:bulb: For example: our work on why computers break was featured in The Sunday Times

We’re now making a dashboard for these microtasks and those we create in the future. The dashboard will list the tasks that are currently active and allow you to track your contributions to each. There will also be a section highlighting the impact these tasks have.

Here’s a rough idea of what it will look like:

The question is, what should we call this dashboard?

We’d love a name would help people intuitively understand what we’re trying to do (and how). It also needs to be short (ideally one word) so that it fits into the interface. We also need to consider how to translate it into other languages.

Our working title is “Upstream" - a reference to magnifying our impact by affecting change higher up in the design and manufacturing process of the products we see at events. But is this too obscure a metaphor? Is it easy to understand? Would you click on ‘Upstream’ in the menu?

Here are some of the names we’ve considered:

  • Upstream
  • Crowd / Crowdsource
  • Change
  • Action
  • DataFix
  • DataTinker
  • Microtasks

Do you like any of these names? Can you think of any better ones?

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I like the term Upstream just not sure it would mean much to passers by. DataTinker is good too.


Data Workbench
Evidence Room
Fixer Files
Repair Data Shop



Upstream describes Restart’s purpose/aim, not necessarily directly the user’s immediate intention when contributing to these tasks.

describes what this dashboard will show, so why not “Your contributions”?


Great brainstorm @Monique! I particularly love Workbench, Evidence, Files,…

Something evocative of evidence, forensics, etc. is really powerful. Also because it suggests “the crime” of early obsolescence.

(Teardown doesn’t work semantically really, sounds too destructive.)


Yes, workbench is just right, very inviting and analytical👌.


Hi @Tina_crocker, nice to “meet” you - if you like, please do a self-intro on


All done, thanks Janet :slight_smile:

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Perhaps “workbench” would work on the top menu, if we create an icon that is suggestive of data? Or analysis?

Data workbench could be the full name, displayed on the section, as “Upstream” is above. @james? @neil?

I actually think what we currently call “Fixometer” contains more access to the contributions and raw data. We’re hoping this area will be more about the analysis and digestion of the data, if that makes sense @Ian_Barnard?

I like Workbench :slight_smile: As you say Janet, just ‘Workbench’ in the menu, and ‘Data Workbench’ once you’ve clicked through.

It’s the same number of characters as ‘Fixometer’, so should fit fine.

It’s interesting enough that people might click on it before they know what it is, and once you then see Data Workbench you would pretty quickly get an idea what it’s about. And yes with a good icon (something graph-y on a bench?) it won’t need ‘Data’ in the menu.

Gets my vote!

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Thanks so much everyone - it sounds like (Data) Workbench is a goer. Great idea @Monique!

I’ll keep this topic open for now in case anyone has further thoughts, but I think we’ll go with Workbench for now.

@Estelle_Vercez1, @Manu_RepairTogether or @Jonathan_Vigne, what would be the best French translation for ‘workbench’ and ‘data workbench’? ‘Établi’?

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Hello :slight_smile:

Nice feature and nice name !
For the French name, we can go for “Atelier” and “Atelier de données”.
@Manu_RepairTogether told me that the term “entrepôt de données” is also used, but it is not really sexy :wink:
@Estelle_Vercez1 proposed “plateforme” but maybe it is too far from the meaning we want


Yes, makes sense :slight_smile:

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FixΩmeter. Ha Ha

Recycled, Reworked & Reborn . ( ready for the future )

Hi Gordon, was the email a general reply to the new name of the site ? Regards

YES, thanks.

I see. Stil newbie , good suggestion.