Missing data drive! Until 16th January

We’re missing data for 366 events listed in our “Fixometer” database! That represents a whopping 21% of events.

Now that like us, most groups in this forum are not running events, it’s a great time to upload this missing data. We’re starting a Missing Data Drive that lasts until 15th January to fill in the gaps.

:imp: The 15th of January is an important date in the history of ‘planned obsolescence’ — on this date in 1925, the Phoebus Cartel met to limit the lives of lightbulbs :bulb: Learn more.

Update: we’re extending the data drive to the 16th of Jan to include a datathon where you can get live help inputting your data (see below)

Why you should get involved :slight_smile:

  1. Data helps your group - to fundraise, to motivate your volunteers. Read more about how groups use the data locally here

  2. Data helps fixers - you can search the database of fixes and learn from patterns, special pearls of wisdom shared. This knowledge eventually gets condensed into our Wiki.

  3. Data helps our campaign for more repairable products. Just over half of electronic or electrical items people bring to events can be fixed on the spot. About 1/5 devices or appliances we deem “end of life”. We’d like to be able to show why. And the remainder could be fixed but there are still barriers to repair.

Together in the past two years, we’ve analysed the data together online. And in turn, we’ve used our data on laptops to influence decision-makers in Brussels and we have more opportunities to influence EU :eu: and UK :uk: policy coming up in 2021. We’re even building a whole new part of this site so everyone can get more involved.

We need your help

But with such big gaps in our data, we need your help.

:clap: Thanks to Repair Cafe Belfast and Share and Repair in Bath who are in touch and already getting started on this.

If your group uses the Fixometer, now is the perfect opportunity to add any data that you haven’t shared. You’re not alone, many of us fall behind. If you need a hand, get in touch and we can schedule a screensharing and video call with you to help get the job done :muscle: :raised_hands:

You can see all of your past events on the :spiral_calendar: Events page. Just click/tap the ‘Past’ tab to see the full list, as well as which ones are missing data:

If your group doesn’t yet share data, we’d love to hear from you! How do you currently collect and use repair data and what help do you need? Simply message us directly and let’s chat! :speech_balloon:


Coincidentally I discovered a pile of filled-in repair forms from The Goodlife Centre event in Feb while I was cleaning out my tool bag!

So, that will be one fewer missing event when I get the data entered (hopefully this weekend).


Great news! This is a total amnesty, jubilee. Just big praise to those who pull out old data and submit :slight_smile: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :clipboard:

Hi @Janet,

I think Portsmouth is up-to-date. The only events without data are those that were cancelled from April 2020 onwards. Anything I should do in relation to them?


No worries about cancelled events @Clare_Seek, we’re working on a tag in our database that allows us to subtract these out of the overall numbers. (But we’ll keep them for ‘posterity’).

A huge thank you to everyone who’s uploaded data so far! It’s been great to see over 200 kg worth of repairs recorded over the last few weeks :clap: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :tada:

:bulb: We’re also keen to know about cancelled events, so if you’re adding events that didn’t happen (because of the pandemic, for example), just make sure to add the word cancelled to the event title. That way, we know not to include it in our missing data stats :slight_smile:

The data drive ends this weekend, so there’s still time to get your data in!

Need a hand entering your repair data?

To help you add any outstanding repair data from past events, we’re running datathon this Saturday. We’ll be there to answer questions and even help you input your data manually.

2021-01-16T10:30:00Z (click to view in your timezone) - we’ll be there for 2 hours

We’ll be here: https://whereby.com/restarters-community

Click one of the links below to add the event to your calendar:
:spiral_calendar: Apple | Google | Office 365 Outlook | Outlook.com | Yahoo

The event is open to anyone who’d like to chat about repair data and how best to add it into the Fixometer. If you’d like to come along, or can’t make it but would still like to talk about data, please complete the poll below:

  • I’ll come along on Saturday
  • I can’t make Saturday, but would still like some help

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We’re here LIVE with Cristina from Restarters Barcelona :slight_smile: anybody else like to join?