Bringing repair to the classroom

Hi everyone,

I have read previous topics from 2018/2019 on this topic, e.g. Repair events with/in schools and Getting kids into repair and I am aware of the Materials Matter resources.

But I am wondering whether anyone on here has actually run a repair event at a school, with kids? If so, what worked and what did not? What year group(s) did you target?


We blogged about our pilot enrichment programme here - lots of learning for you about brining repair into the classroom

This post in particular we talk about hosting Restart Party in a secondary school, involving pupils and parents and the wider school community.

We’d love to hear from others about their experiences too. We know Malvern Hills has some great experience with primary schools but sadly we haven’t tempted them onto our community just yet.

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Seems I had to go back to 2017! :laughing: Thanks, Janet!

Hi Frank
I have been repairing School equipment for 45 years (Reco Laboratory Services) - microscopes, and power packs, are the main problems. I have also run half day microscope serving and repair workshops at 30 Universities and Schools over the country and abroad. Of course at Universities it has been adults and at schools the science technicians. I have also taken a large number of microscopes into a school to show the kids how to use them. I am now trying to get the Oxfordshire Repair Cafes to take on the work
Cheers Derek


It’s been very hard to get into schools, during school time, especially secondary schools… We want to be in schools during the school day so as not to become an activity for the privileged few who can participate in after school activities. Primary schools might be the best place with most flexibility to start teaching repair.

Forgot to mention, we also discussed the topic at #fixfest-2019 - here’s the write up

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Thank you for the links @Janet and the microscope story @Derek_sayers. I will try to reach out to Malvern Hills - I’m eyeing the local primary and secondary schools here too.