"Cultivating a Repair Mindset" Toolkit for K - 12 Schools

Hot off the press, the product of a collaboration with educators from Maker Ed and Agency by Design Oakland

In the K-12 Setting and Beyond
A Toolkit for Educators

The initial question the team of Maker-educators addressed was: Would incorporating repair enrich making-centered learning?

The team’s research led them to a resounding “Yes!”

After more research, prototyping, workshopping, and testing in the classroom, the team offers The Toolkit, free from Maker Ed’s Resource Library.

Agency by Design - Oakland and Maker Ed have published the Cultivating a Repair Mindset Toolkit that includes teaching and learning strategies, tactics and classroom materials designed to support developing in students a way of approaching, thinking about and repairing things that are broken. Also included are research findings by the maker-educators who created the Toolkit, and the pedagogical framework for bringing repair into the classroom.

The thinking processes developed through repairing objects are transferable to approaching and thinking about anything of value that calls for repair — an organization, a community, the environment, the political system, racial relations, the social fabric, the structure of the economy, etc. As such, the material invites and enriches discussions of these foundational aspects of our lives.

The Toolkit offers educators material to help cultivate in students the insight, creativity and motivation to contribute toward putting what we value into “working order”, for the benefit of all people and of all life on this one planet we call home.

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Cultivating a Repair Mindset Toolbox in the K - 12 Setting and Beyond

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It’s exciting to see the interest in repair leaping up right and left!