Dive into the life of a mobile - our new website "Materials Matter"

We’ve launched an educational website, targeted at 8-12 year olds, but really relevant to everybody over 8 years old. Please share with friends and family, and take a look for yourself.

The website takes us through the different stages of a phone’s life from mining, to processing and assembly, to reuse/recycling. And we introduce the idea that critical raw materials are doubly important as they are needed for scaling up renewable energy.


It’s optimised for desktop and tablets — for now, we’re imagining this used at home between parents and kids.

But in future, we’ll have this loaded on tablets at our events for people who are waiting at our Restart Parties. (Also, we’ve created a version for use on a large screen, in museums. If anybody has access to a venue with a large touch screen, it could be used there.)

Also, we can see this being part of a “blended learning” lesson in classrooms.

We’d love your feedback, especially as event hosts and educators.



Great job ! I love it !! I think it could be interesting to add a REUSE section between ASSEMBLY and WASTE/RECYCLING. I think people should be aware that Repair and Refurbishing is an option they should consider.


Thanks @ssebti hope everything is ok in Montreal!

In terms of repair and reuse, we’ve included in a part in “Waste” about how we need to design out waste and make it easier to repair. And we’ve included a link to our Restart Code at the end of the Learn More page. And in the completion screen we talk about using the phones we have for longer.

But perhaps we can figure out how to feature repair more! Are you thinking of adding a section dedicated solely to repair and reuse?

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Yes definitely. I think it should be a dedicated section, available at first sight instead of embedded in another section (which is very interesting). It could help change the paradigm for young people. That just my personal opinion :slight_smile:

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Congratulations, this is great! And filled with valuable additional resources. Love it!


Thanks @Felipe_Fonseca. Our challenge is to get it out there, and find networks that might be interested in using/disseminating beyond the museums we are working with.