Skillshare workshop: how to use Linux (19 April, 6:30pm UK time)

Do you have an older computer that can’t run the latest versions of Windows or MacOS?
Do you want your computer to be secure, private and customisable?

Then Linux may be for you!

Not heard of Linux? Click/tap here for more info

Laptops and desktop computers run on an ‘operating system’ - software that lets you interact with the computer. Most computers run on either Windows or MacOS. But these aren’t the only two options.

Linux is family of alternative operating systems that offers some advantages over Windows and MacOS. For one, it can run on less powerful computers, meaning that if you have an older computer (especially one that wasn’t particularly expensive when new) there’s a good chance you can run an up-to-date version of Linux even if you can’t run the latest version of Windows or MacOS!

Because Linux is built by the community and isn’t controlled by a single company (like Windows and MacOS are), it also offers better privacy and customisation options to get your computer working just the way you want.

Learn more about Linux here →

As fans of long-lived devices and open-source software, we’re big fans of Linux. But, as with anything unfamiliar, it can take some getting used to. Luckily for us, the wonderful @ruth1 is on hand to walk us through the basics of using Linux. Ruth is an avid Linux user with decades of experience in the IT industry and teaching, so we’re really lucky to have her leading this skillshare session.

Using Linux Mint, Ruth will cover the following topics:

  • What is Linux and why is it worth using?
  • Finding your way around (using the main menus, navigating folders etc.)
  • Using key apps (like an internet browser and word processor)
  • Configuration, connecting to the internet, user accounts and permissions
  • Finding and installing new apps
  • Updating the system and the apps
  • Where to go for advice, help and technical support

We’ll also leave time for questions.

Everyone is welcome; no prior knowledge or experience with Linux is required.

To help us get a sense of numbers, please let us know if you’d like to join by voting on the poll below. For those of you who can’t make it, we will publish a recording of the session in due course.

:bulb: If you want to follow along on your own computer, you’re welcome to download and install Linux Mint before the session. Follow our guide to installing Linux for instructions. Need a hand? Start a new topic in Repair help and we’ll be on hand to help :slight_smile:

Note: this is an optional step and is not required to attend the skillshare

Here are the details:

When? :clock7:

2023-04-19T17:30:00Z for 90 minutes.
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Where? :compass:

On Zoom. Here’s the link:

(we’ll open the room a few minutes before the session is due to begin)

Would you like to come to this skillshare?

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Hi James: do you mind if I promote this to the Global Fixers? We’re actively working on a converting Chromebooks to Linux:

Absolutely, please feel free share it Peter :+1:
(though note that we won’t be covering the process of converting Chromebooks to Linux specifically, more on using Linux once it’s installed)

A quick reminder that this skillshare is happening tomorrow (Wednesday) from 6:30pm (UK time) on Zoom:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Hi James
I’m electromagneticically sensitive to some frequencies and try to attend events in person or download the recording for viewing offline. Is attending possible? Is it anywhere within cycling distance of Westminster.
Best regards
Gary Hayes

Hi James. I have Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS installed on my Dell Latitude E6220 laptop. Also have another version of Linux (which needs to be upgraded) installed on a PC. Thinking about installing Linux Mint on the PC and a couple of old pre-loved laptops which came with outdated versions of Windows.

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Hi! Great idea. We have organized some workshops about how to use Linux. We use Emmabuntüs ( as Linux distro. It’s designed for the typical “old” computers that still have years of use left. It’s very user-friendly, it has 32 and 64 bits version, and it has many interest features to novel users (automatic security updates, many useful programs preinstalled, a dock to easily access your apps…)

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Hello James,
I am sorry but I won’t be able to make tonight’s meeting.
I am still interested so would like a link if it is recorded.

Hi Gary,

The event is happening purely online via Zoom, so I’m afraid it’s not possible to attend it in person. We will make the recording available via YouTube and there is software out there that you can use to download videos from YouTube :slight_smile:

@Mike_Kavanagh - great stuff! Hopefully we can answer any questions you have about Mint this evening!

@Jose_Antonio_Gonzalez_Nov - ooh, interesting, thanks for sharing Emmabuntüs. Perhaps that’s worth a separate topic?

@Lawrence_Rowlett - ok, no problem. I’ll share a link to the recording once it goes up :slight_smile:

A huge thanks to everyone who came along to this skillshare session the other week - I hope you found the session interesting and useful.

I, for one, found @ruth1’s tour of Linux Mint really inspiring. I’ve since been playing around with Linux myself to see whether I can switch over to it as my main OS (not quite there yet, but perhaps I’ll post about that separately :wink: )

For those who asked to see the recording, it’s now live:

If you can’t see a video above or want the direct link, try this:

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Hi James,

I agree, maybe it could be useful to people who want to give their “old” computers a second life. In many cases, a lightweight Linux distro as Emmabuntüs + changing HDD to SSD is enough. I’m new in Restarters, and I’m not sure about how you handle topics

Hi Jose,

Perhaps you could create a new topic in Repair stories about the best Linux distros for older or lower-powered computers? You could talk about your experience with Emmabuntüs and invite others to share their own recommendations.

There’s guidance on how to start a new topic here.

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Hi, I just created the topic about Linux distros to old computers

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