Save the dates - Fixfest 2019 in Berlin


We’re really excited to announce that the second-ever global Fixfest will occur in Berlin on 20-22 September.

Pre-registration and more details to come soon from our hosts, Runder Tisch Reparatur.

As Restart, we are planning on providing travel subsidies for a number of community members. We’ve yet to nail down the criteria for selection, but participation online and off, as well as contribution of data to the Fixometer will probably be a part of them :slight_smile:

@Club_de_Reparadores @Fernando_GA @Culture_of_Repair @ssebti we’d really love to see you represented there. (Let us know if we can help you fundraise for the trip?)


Fantastic news! Our staff in Hong Kong would absolutely love to join this year’s Fixfest to support Restart and the Right to Repair :muscle:

We’ll stay tuned for updates, but please do let us know if we can help you out in anything, or whether you need something from us directly or from the University of Science and Technology itself. Of course, a little help in fundraising the trip would be greatly appreciated, but we’d rather wait until you have finished the selection criteria before asking for anything!



Hi Janet,
That’s great ! Maybe @Nebojsa_Adzic will go, we’ll discuss that :slight_smile:


I’ll almost certainly go.

For anyone in London, I’ll be going by train.
It’s about a 10-12 hour journey: Eurostar to Brussels, then ICE or Thalys to Kőln, then ICE to Berlin.

Next question: it says 20-22 Sept, which is 3 days, but the webpage says 2 days: Am I correct in assuming that it’s Sat 21-Sun 22?


Many of us are considering the train trip too, @Dave!

Correcting the page now. It’s like the first one - Friday evening opening, through Sunday.