In the UK, want to go to Fixfest 2019, in Berlin? Please respond!



If you are in the UK :uk: please let us know how you are feeling about attending Fixfest in September - so we can gauge interest and create a fair process for allocating travel subsidies

  • I’m planning on going — can pay my own way
  • I’d really love to go — but need help covering travel
  • Not interested this time

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Note: we have a limited budget for travel subsidies, so we’ll be giving priority to people who are actively involved in the community - online and/or offline.

Save the dates - Fixfest 2019 in Berlin

I’m looking to find some alternative funding via a grant, so should be able to cover my costs. Happy to take pics. I’m trying to tie the visit in to a number of other Berlin activities, there is another conference on (which I cannot afford) on Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE) looking at sustainable and repairable design. also planning to tie in some other work. Cheers, Mark


Great to hear that you are looking for grant funding. Your participation would be really ace. Perhaps you can present a “Poster” at PLATE?


Hi Janet

Sorry, can’t make those dates.



Just copying in a couple of people/groups who might be interested @Marie_Lefebvre @Divya_Pujara @Chris_Moller @Mike_Grahn @Ian_Barnard @Repair_Cafe_Wales @Sophia_Flucker @Portsmouth_Repair_Ca


Hi Janet

Susie and I are minded to go.



Hi Janet

I would have checked the fourth option ‘interested but can’t commit yet’ if there were one. Seriously I am interested but it looks like we’re moving house and that takes priority.



If you could take the poll :point_up:, that would be great


Sadly I can’t change the poll, but I’ll note your interest! :slight_smile:


I am happy to come along to share the work we did in Leicestershire. It will be nice if some of the people of the newly created group wanted to come along too - for example @steve.cousens, @Tony_Cullen . Are you thinking to come along too @Divya_Pujara or pondering? @steven_charles I am aware that you travel often to Germany, would it be something that you would like to attend? it would be nice to take the train too, yet I do understand the cost constraints. :smiley:


Unfortunately I think I shall be too busy to attend especially as i seems to be i’m continually playing catch up as a result of ill health, but i think taking some of the new fixer group hosts along to a fixfest to inspire and be inspired would be an excellent idea, its certainly my plan to get as many of them as possible to attend the next UK one ooo-xxx


Sorry to hear that Divya! And yes, we’re already starting to think about Fixfest UK in 2020, so never fear.