Is there repair training for volunteers in London/UK?

As I was in Parish last week, I checked if there was a local cafe in the sector I was staying and found one holding an event yesterday. Instant friends :slight_smile: great folks, I got to help repair a mixer and I brought a friend with me so she could see if volunteering there might float her boat :slight_smile:

I was told in Paris there is repair training for volunteers on Sundays and wondered if we did this in London too?

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Restart do run skill-sharing sessions but they’re irregular and local groups sometimes run induction sessions, but, no there’s no regular repairer training.


We have run some training courses at Fixing Factory Camden and we expect to do some more when there is enough interest. Our course covered safety, basic electrical knowledge and understanding, use of a multimeter for fault finding, and practical soldering, together with supervised repairing of appliances.



We are running some training at Forest Fixers. So far we have done Plugs, fuses and flexes, power supplies, PAT testing and components. Next session, soldering. Then a two-session event on replacing a laptop screen and I’m hoping we’ll do one on repairing and replacing ports. I’m afraid people can’t just do one-offs. We expect people who join us to come to most of the sessions and to come to our repair cafes (which are also an excellent way of learning).


Hi Lisa,

Do you have a web link that has more information on what you offer?

Hey Tony I am interested!

Great! Please email and say you’re interested, then we can get back to you when we’re running the next lot of training sessions.