End of Windows 10 support to make 400 million devices obsolete?

While Windows 11 has been out for just over a year now, it’s only being used by about 16% of all Windows desktop devices. One of the reasons cited for this, of course, are the fairly stringent hardware requirements that devices need to meet to run it. We’ve touched on that here.

In 2025, Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10, which could effectively end support for millions of otherwise functional devices that don’t meet the requirements of Windows 11. That’s potentially 400 million devices according to our friends at US PIRG:

Extending software support is a core pillar of Right to Repair, so it’s great to see US PIRG calling on Microsoft to extend security support for devices running Windows beyond 2025 :clap:


Maybe time to change/look at Linux !.

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Indeed. Something like Ubuntu is easy to install. Major browsers support it. Zoom has a Linux client (which lags behind Windows/MacOS but has all the features you really need). Use LibreOffice instead of MS Office. Even professional video editing package DaVinci Resolve has a (free) Linux build.