Announcing Fixfest UK 2020 (online event series, May-July)

We’re super excited to announce Fixfest UK!

Update: 27/03/2020
Due to the coronavirus emergency, Fixfest UK will now be happening online, not in Glasgow as previously planned. Read more about this below.

Please read more, save the date, and pre-register.

We’ll be sharing more details soon and involving you in the programming, so start thinking about the sessions you might like to lead.


I’m thinking of spoiling myself by taking the sleeper train up from London on Friday night and maybe staying over Saturday night to see a bit of Glasgow on Sunday …


Sleeper train booked :smiley:

BTW I treated myself to a cabin on the sleeper train (about £130), but reclining seats are only about £30 at the moment.


More on travel to Glasgow…

Apart from the sleeper train, most of the cheap tickets apparently go on sale about 12 weeks before departure, so that will be around 27th March for 19th June, although there are some cheap London->Glasgow tickets available now.

I’ve got an alert set up on to tell me when cheap Glasgow<->London tickets appear in case it’s earlier/later.

Anyone got any ideas on good, cheap places to stay?

Nice one Dave, thanks!

I think @Repair_Cafe_Glasgow are working on block-booking some accommodation (perhaps Jon or @Lauren_Crilly can confirm?)

In any case, I stayed at the Youth Hostel there recently, which was fine (and in a pretty amazing old mansion):

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Quick Fixfest UK update: while we’re hoping the event will go ahead as planned in Glasgow in June, due to the coronavirus, contingency plans for a virtual event are being drawn up in case an in-person event becomes unfeasible.

In the meantime, we would strongly encourage potential attendees to book refundable or changeable travel.

We’ll keep this thread updated with the latest info :+1:

:mega: Fixfest UK 2020 is moving online

We have made the decision to run Fixfest UK as a series of online only events. Planning for these is still underway, but they are likely to run from the end of May into early July. We will be announcing more details soon.

This means we will no longer be meeting in person in Glasgow. Please do not book any travel or accommodation. If you have already made bookings, do try to ask for refunds.

Why online?

Given the current coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, we’re not sure when large gatherings or movement across the country will be safe again. While we hope the situation will have improved by June, there is just too much uncertainty and we don’t want to have to cancel or scramble to move everything online at the last minute. Instead, we want to use the next couple of months to focus on how we can best bring everyone together remotely.

Why a series of events?

We don’t think an all-day online event would work very well. A few of the team here at Restart recently sat through a 7-hour online meeting, which was pretty mind-numbing despite its interesting content. We’d like to make the most of the flexibility that online events bring by splitting presentations, discussions and workshops over a number of sessions. The hope is that we can avoid frying everyone’s attention spans and that more people will be able to come along.

Want to come along?

If you haven’t already, you can still register your interest here:
Register your interest

We’ll keep this topic updated with all the latest, so stay tuned :+1: