Announcing Fixfest UK 2020 (online event series, May-July)

Are there any plans for recordings? And to post the recording link for each session as a topic on here, so those viewing it offline can comment?

Yes, we’ll have recordings, if all goes according to plan technically!

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Ok, so! We’re just sorting out some tech and design issues but here is the tentative schedule and list of sessions. Note there is still an open session for the taking!

Please get in touch if you are interested in helping to shape and run one of these sessions, and please let us know if you are going to be super disappointed about a scheduling conflict. We did our best based on the poll above.

  • Keynote and Right to Repair in the UK, Thursday 4 June @ 8pm
  • Quality Online Engagement with Adult Learners, Thursday 11 June @ 8pm
  • The Scandal of Faulty Capacitors, Saturday 13 June @ 11am
  • Community repair in the UK: strengthening a decentralised network, Thursday 18 June @ 8pm
  • Saturday morning social! Saturday 20 June @ 11am
  • Reuse and repair in urban environments TBC Thursday 25 June @ 8pm
  • Sewing Machines: Maintenance and Repair Saturday 27 June @ 11am
  • Lightning Talks, Demos, Show ‘n’ Tell Thursday 2 July @ 8pm
  • Open session - for the taking! Saturday 4 July @ 11am
  • Closing session: Our repair data - how and why we collect it Thursday 9 July @ 8pm

Err by my calendar 10th June is a Wednesday.

Thanks @Ian_Barnard, fixed - I can confirm all weekday sessions are on Thursday evenings (so, 11 June, not 10)

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Hi everyone! Just saw these dates announced on the fb group :heart_eyes: with @Melina_Scioli and @Club_de_Reparadores Argentina & Uruguay we are having our first online event on June 6th !
We will be live streaming on youtube a little première of three short documentaries on repairers, we are launching our brand new, first-prototype of our directory of repairers,, we are exchanging practices on holding independent events with teams from Uruguay and Mexico (and possible ReparaLab from Chile), and we are also having some tutorials via zoom (which won’t be open stream). We’ll confirm more details soon and publish flyers in the next couple of days, but I love that the date overlaps with your programme… do you think we can create some synergy with the communication? like a cross-continent fixfest of some sort? :star_struck:

Sounds like a really cool idea! Can you send us some dates/times? Obviously in terms of times, if you had an event in the afternoon we could join in the evening.

I’m sure we have a handful of Spanish speakers among us, but it would be cool to arrange for one of your English-speaking team to narrate or help us follow along in English. Or perhaps there is some simultaneous machine translation solution? :thinking:

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