You can now record unpowered items in the Fixometer!

Good news everyone!

It is now possible to record repairs of non-electronic/electrical items at your events :tada:

While Restart’s main focus is on fixing our relationship with electronics, we’re mindful of the fact that many repair groups, such as Repair Cafés, fix a much wider range of items, including clothes, bicycles, furniture and more. So, due to popular demand, we’ve been working to add support for non-electronic/electrical (“unpowered”) items to the site.

Today, after more than a year of surveys, interviews with many of you, design and development work, we’re delighted to announce that you can now record unpowered items here on Restarters․net!

How does it work?

You’ll notice that we’ve reorganised event pages to better highlight your environmental impact stats and add a new tab for ‘unpowered’ items to the table of items you see at events:

To add an unpowered item, simply click on the ‘Unpowered’ tab in the ‘Items at this event’ section and then click the ‘Add unpowered item’ button at the bottom and fill in the short form that appears:

The form currently has categories for :couch_and_lamp: furniture, :bike: bicycles, :jeans: clothing/textiles and :teddy_bear: miscellaneous. As with powered items, you are also able to record the weight and age of each item as well as lots of information about the repair itself, successful or not.

A note about stats: For powered devices, we’re able to automatically calculate the CO2 and amount of waste diverted by successful repairs. For unpowered items, only the weight of items is included in event stats, and only for items where you input the weight yourself. Learn more about why this is the case and how you can help us add automatic impact calculations for unpowered items here: Updating our environmental impact measurements - we need your help!

Over the next couple of months, we’ll also be updating other areas of the site to reflect the fact that many of you will be collecting data for unpowered items. This includes the stats on group pages and the Fixometer page, for example.

We’re incredibly excited to introduce this update and are grateful to everyone who gave us feedback throughout the process of putting it together :pray:

And of course, a big shout out to @neil and @Edward_Hibbert who coded it all up :clap:

Any questions? Just ask below…