What are you doing personally to adapt?

Hi! I thought I might lighten up this category a little bit, by asking what you are doing personally to adapt to life under lockdown?

I’ve started jogging for the first time since my early twenties. And we’ve just got an allotment garden - just in the nick of time. Luckily, the Cabinet has clarified that allotment gardening - with social distancing - is allowed.

Also, I found that making a daily/weekly schedule, as advised by this astronaut, is really comforting.


Hi everyone! I’ve also found making a weekly schedule really helpful - time seems to have lost a lot of its authority recently.

Personally I wouldn’t say I’ve actually adapted all that much - just sort of coped by doing more of the same stuff I did to cope before the pandemic! :laughing:
But I am making the most of walking and cycling around though the surreally clean street air and have found it a great opportunity to put some good time into bass practise.

Also good news @frances - I fixed that bluetooth speaker! Luckily I bought two replacement connectors because it was quite difficult to solder and I ended up melting the first one! But its up and running now and assigned to the kitchen for each mornings breakfast soundtrack! :notes: :fried_egg:


Cool, @Jamie_Hillier! On Wednesday, iFixit and friends (including us) are launching a big campaign to share home repairs. So please reshare this story then!

My partner and I have blocked out nearly every “lunch hour” (except Friday) to provide support for friends, family and neighbours. This lunch hour was spent on remote support for a family member’s laptop with a failed Win10 update (and potentially knackered HDD) and helping configure email on a mobile!

Mutual aid can be setting up an online account with someone, helping them fix something, buying groceries, delivering stuff…


Ah yes Vanessa did mention this - I’m looking forward to it!

I like the sound of those lunch hour repairs! I signed up for the goodsam nhs volunteering and will be trying out the home calling later this week. So far a bit cynical about app that wants permission to keep the phone from sleeping with only a 2.8 score on google play! I’ll share my experiences with it in due time!

I agree with you both - having a regular schedule and going outside to exercise are really helpful! Some other things that I currently really enjoy:

:socks: :dress: Getting dressed: Every guide on working from home tells you to wear your normal clothes, and that does help me to feel ready for the day. But I also like taking it further by wearing all the extravagant clothes and wild colour combinations that I wouldn’t put on for a day in the office. I might as well make use of the fact that nobody sees me by going wild with my looks! Bonus point: It entertains my housemate :smile:

:woman_cartwheeling: :doughnut: Daily highlights: I try to plan something every day that makes the day feel more special and different to the others. Today it’s an online yoga lesson, tomorrow it’ll be eating a huge doughnut for lunch and on Thursday a call with my family. That gives me something fun to look forward to and it breaks up my routine a bit as well.


Super inspired by this :wink:

(In seriousness, a vulnerable neighbour has asked for croissants for her kids because they really miss them. We will do our best to help.)

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ All that :smiley:

Also finding out even more wonderful/weird stuff than I usually do, for no good reason. e.g.


The biggest change to my routine is that I am now homeschooling a 10yo and a 7yo. I’ve always had so much respect and admiration for teachers, but now … :sweat_smile:

I’m learning about grammar that I don’t think I even learnt at school and struggling to remember all the maths. On that note, here is the latest question we got stuck on. Any help apprecaited (don’t forget to show your working :wink:)

Hayley, Rebecca and Jack share some marshmallows.
Rebecca has twice as many as Hayley.
Jack has 3/10 more than Hayley.
They have 86 in total.
How many does each person have?


Speaking of, did you see these goats?

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As a vegetarian, I pass on this question :laughing: but seriously my brain does hurt. And I don’t have a pen to hand. Somehow I need a pen to solve these things. How do these questions convince kids about the utility of math?

I like to think they’re vegetarian marshmallows courtesy of holland & barret :yum:

OK, so it’s a set of simultaneous equations.
If r, j & h are the number of marshmallows each person has:

r = 2 * h
j = 13/10 * h
h + r + j = 86

so you know how to express both r & j in terms of h,
so you substitute the first 2 equations into the 3rd,
then you solve that equation (which only has a single variable) for h,
then you substitute h back into the other 2 equations to get the other 2 values.

If that’s not clear, give us a shout & explain it further when I’ve done my daily exercise :innocent: :running_man:

P.S. IIRC Holland & Barrett’s marshmallow’s aren’t very nice:
apparently better ones can be made using aqua faba.


Spent too much time on this from a hazy memory of simultaneous equations! But thanks I think it’s made me realise I can add ‘doing maths’ as something that will help me adapt…

Spoiler alert

R = 2H
J = H + 3/10H
H + R + J = 86

H + J = 86 - 2H (remove the R)
3H + J = 86 (move the 2H)
3H + H + 3/10H = 86 (replace the J)
4 3/10 H = 86 (combine)
H = 20 (divide by 4 3/10)

H = 20
R = 40 (substitute H)
J = 26 (substitute H)

EDIT: :joy: you beat me to it @Dave


Continuing the theme, I’ve also taken up jogging :running_man: again after a number of years, partly because recreational cycling is being discouraged here. We’re lucky to live near a park and it’s nice to watch spring unfurl as the tulips, grape hyacinths and daffodils splash lovely sunset colours across the greenery. :tulip:

Working from home was already pretty normal for me, so my routine perhaps hasn’t changed as dramatically as it has for many others.

That said, at home, we’re planning to rearrange our living room furniture to shake up our living space a bit and avoid a sense of monotony. :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :couch_and_lamp: It’s amazing how even minor changes can bring a sense of freshness!

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