Volunteers Week - 1st - 7th June / Environment and Conservation Day

Any advice about how community repair groups could participate in Volunteers week? https://volunteersweek.org/about-volunteers-week/what-is-volunteers-week/ refers. We are in our initial setup stages and looking for a few more volunteers to help establish a Repair Café here in Gosport. I’m considering designing some social media posts to go out on Saturday 5th June which they are calling “Environment and Conservation Day” to coincide with “World Environment Day” (also on Sat 5th)

Great question Mark! The 5th sounds like a solid choice, though it think it’s fair to say that the community-focused benefits of repair events are also really popular, so the Tuesday or even Thursday could work too maybe?

Perhaps a good place to start would be publicly recognising the contributions of your existing volunteers. A number of groups I’ve seen publish profiles of individual volunteers and the work they’ve been doing. We actually published one recently about one of our long-standing organisers @Rosemary :clap: , which you can find here.

It sounds like you’re keen not just to celebrate what your volunteers have done so far, but also attract new volunteers. I wonder whether a nice approach could be to tell some fun/motivational stories about what you’ve done together as a team so far and use that as an invitation to others to join the team / get involved (giving a sense of the kinds of help you’re after).

Given you’re setting up at the moment, I guess you can’t really draw on impact stats yet (kg of CO2 diverted, people reached etc.) to celebrate the group’s work, but that could be something to think about for next year?

Thanks for these ideas, definitely started me thinking… We have about a dozen people signed up - so that’s a fact that’s worth promoting. Whatever we decide, I’ll post on here in case others want to like and share.

Regards David