Uploading historic repair cafe data

One of the problems I’m increasingly noticing being involved in many repair cafes is that we have a lot of people who are able to show up for 4 hours to do some fixing, but very few people who can commit to the unglamorous admin work both before and after the event.

Is there any possibility to bulk upload this? I can process it so all the fields are the same as the fixometer, but it’s not practical to enter it one by one into the fixometer GUI.

Thanks in advance


Hi Guy,

Good question! We’ve been brainstorming data uploads into Restarters lately. It’s something that comes up pretty frequently and that we’d like to try and support, we’re just looking for financial support at the moment to get it built.

It would allow you to upload a CSV of your data for individual events, and as you mention would need to be in Fixometer-compatible structure as we won’t be able to automatically map from other structures. We would provide a spreadsheet template that will be in the structure that we require.

I’d be very happy to use Trumpington as a test case when we’re at that stage.


Thanks Neil, with less than 100 items to get into the system, I think it would make more sense for use to create an AutoHotkey macro to copy and paste entries over from a spreadsheet.

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