The Big Fix 2022, 14 May

On the Saturday the 14th of May, community repair groups across the UK will be throwing the doors open to their local communities as part of The Big Fix 2022 :hammer_and_wrench: :tada: :uk:

Organised by Recycle Devon and Devon County Council, The Big Fix is a nationwide celebration of repair and will see dozens of Repair Cafes, Restart Parties and other repair events running on the same day.

Similarly to International Repair Day in October, the idea is to promote community repair, generate some publicity and feel part of a bigger movement. Unlike Repair Day though, the Big Fix is just focused on the UK.

It’s great to see a number of groups across the network already panning events for that weekend, including:

If you’re not already planning to link your event to the Big Fix (or aren’t currently planning an event for that day), do consider joining in :slight_smile:

Recycle Devon have promised to share more information and official resources soon. I’ll update this topic when it’s sent out. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Jennifer at Devon County Council for more details:

You can also find a bit more info on the Facebook event:


If anyone would like to take part in The Big Fix, Jennifer’s set up an online registration form here:

Register for The Big Fix 2022

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We already have an event on that day so we’re in!


Nice one Adam!