Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee explores the Right to Repair

Marques Brownlee, another wildly popular tech YouTuber (14 million subscribers), has released a video explainer of the Right to Repair.

I found it a pretty good exploration of the issue and quite liked the way he explored anti-trust issues through the lens of Apple, John Deere and Tesla as examples of companies attempting to control/monopolise the after market repair sector.

Similarly to fellow YouTuber, Linus, he also brings in Louis Rossman to dispel some of the common myths around Right to Repair.

Worth a watch :+1:


I watched this too James. It was good to see Brownlee return to being more critical of tech - in recent years his content has become more like glorified unboxing I’ve found. He sits on the fence a bit too much in this for my liking but then at the end comes pretty firmly down on the right side. He has such huge reach that it will have raised a lot of awareness : ) I’d love to see Dave2D do something on Right to Repair but it seems unlikely somehow.

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There is a follow up podcast/video here:

I have not watched it myself yet, but skimming through the comments, they seem to suggest that the podcast is making the argument that the right to repair harms innovation. There are a lot of good comments countering that argument though.


Harms innovation! How ridiculous! What inspires innovation more than anything? Restrictions that make people think differently and not look for the simplest solution regardless of the costs - leaded petrol was just such a solution. Thanks for the link, I’ll go take a look!