Linus Tech Tips embraces Right to Repair

Prominent tech YouTuber Linus Sebastian has formally thrown his weight behind the Right to Repair, dedicating a full video to the subject on his company’s main channel Linus Tech Tips.

While at times a little defensive (spending enough time on YouTube seems to do that to creators), he does a good job explaining what Right to Repair means and breaks down some of the myths floating around. It’s also great to see him encouraging his substantial following to support Louis Rossmann’s ballot measure in Massachusetts.

“Anyone who fully understands Right to Repair, and opposes it, opposes individual freedom” - Linus Sebastian

Like Rossmann (and a lot of Right to Repair campaigning in North America), Linus focuses mostly on the consumer rights angle, but does nod to some of the environmental implications of planned/premature obsolescence.

(It’s also quite refreshing to see a YouTube comments section that restores some faith in humanity :sweat_smile: )

You can watch the video here:


I like him better than other YouTubers in this space. And his take is unique, in the sense that he genuinely cares about the environmental piece. I think his motivation feels 50% “freedom, let me own my stuff” and 50% planet. (Also noting that “Ting” which is a low-cost mobile carrier a lot like GiffGaff here in the UK, sponsored the video.