Louis Rossman crowdfunding $6m for new MA ballot measure

We’ve been in touch with Louis Rossman, who appears to be pivoting away from his repair business and using his massive YouTube platform to campaign for the Right to Repair full time.

Meanwhile he’s raised $67k in 11 hours with this crowdfunder that has the target of $6m. This is what the successful automotive Right to Repair referendum spent.

Not sure how I feel about the US’ “democracy” and the amount of money required to participate, but I like the level of ambition in engaging the public.

Wondering what we could do that would be equivalent here in the UK or in Europe? (Not necessary raising money, but actually using whatever participatory mechanisms are available to us.)

A Parliament.uk petition would require 100,000 signatures for a parliamentary debate, and then in a sense the effort dies, because we wouldn’t have any way to contact signers. We have pondered what we could do with public interest litigation but never really gotten anywhere.

Let us know if you have any thoughts on this!


You can raise a partition here for free, and keep in touch with people as well.
Guide to raising a partition guide

Janet I applaud your thoughts.
You could always set up a page with an instrumented link or with two links.
Option 1: The first link would be to an “I plan to sign up to the petition” page that collects name and email. with the next link being to the petition itself.
Option 2: Set up a link to the petition page that is instrumented so you can count the “clicks” on it.
Or some mixture thereof.
None the less, I’d sign the petition if non res Brits are allowed to.
Go for it!!! Wal