Support for mobile/tablets - feedback

We want all of the community tools to work well on tablets and mobile as well as desktop. From responses to our surveys, we know that people use them in a variety of locations on a variety of devices.

  • Fixometer - all pages should work OK on mobile - a key part is adding devices, long term goal is we’re hoping this to be very easy to use at events, across devices, for those who wish to
  • Wiki - we’ve made this mobile responsive, good for getting helpful info during a party!
  • Discourse - should work nicely on mobile out of the box

Give us your feedback and let us know if anything is troublesome on smaller screens.

Single sign on works like a charm on Firefox for Android.

On the Wiki, I am noting some issues with text wrapping around photos. Sometimes words are orphaned or displayed strangely. I also notice multiple images don’t display optimally.

On “talk” everything looks great but the illustrations on the header don’t display fully, you can only see a small part of them.

On more thing: I know @james did something to remove the long list of posts in multiple languages on “Repair in your Community” for desktop. This doesn’t seem to be working for mobile. An epic list and it’s hard to make much sense of it.

Noting that WCD will be dedicating some time next week to reviewing responsiveness of all screens across different devices - so worth jotting down any specific issues we have noticed to help them out with that. @ugo sent a couple of screenshots through on Slack, I’ll add them here to get the ball rolling.

Actually, for reference here are the mobile designs from WCD: TRP_Community_Mobile_003.pdf (904.8 KB)

I think these will address most of the issues you noticed @ugo once they are implemented.

So it doesn’t… The workaround I put in place is just a snippet of Javascript that appends /none onto the end of the category URL - and actually it doesn’t work on desktop if you’ve returned to the homepage by clicking on the main logo (think I know why, but my JS isn’t good enough to fix it).

Will need to look for a better solution.

In the meantime, manually selecting ‘none’ in the subcategory filter will do the trick.

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Thanks - could you link to one of the wiki pages that has this issue, and add a screenshot of how it looks on your device, and say which device/browser you are using (I’m guessing Firefox/Android based on your previous comment :slight_smile: )

Here it is. Ironically, I couldn’t get it to upload from my mobile. I selected the image and it would not appear in my message.

A couple of bugs when using the Fixometer module on mobile :

  1. When looking at events, we could benefit from only seeing 2 columns on mobile (ideally if possible combining Date/Time as in /dashboard). For admin, text could be aligned on the left

  2. When editing repair data, the formatting needs tweaking when selecting category “None of the above”

  3. When viewing/editing devices, I suggest for now we only display Product Category, Status and Spare parts (no need to have picture) - if it fits, and we then ask Hosts and Restarters for additional feedback

Thanks Ugo, logged:

Thanks Janet, logged: