Skills feedback

Restarters can self-select from a range of skills that they have and would like to share with others.

We have both organising skills and technical skills.

The idea of organising skills is to help hosts get an idea of who might be able to help them arrange an event in their area, as well as to identify who might be a good candidate to start a new group in an area without one.

The idea of technical skills is to help hosts get a picture of what range of skills they will have available at an event, and also who might be a good person to assign to a particular fix during an event.

We’ve included a range of skills in each of these categories, as follows:

  • Organising skills

    • Publicising events
    • Recruiting volunteers
    • Managing events
    • Finding venues
  • Technical skills

    • Software/OS
    • Changing a fuse
    • Using a multimeter
    • Laptop disassembly
    • Replacing PCB components
    • Headphones
    • Electronics safety
    • Replacing screens

At present the technical skills are intended to give a rough picture of skills and confidence, not an exact detail of a Restarter’s capabilities.

However we’d like to refine this further.

Thinking ahead, we’ve also had ideas around level of skill in a particular skill, and also indicating that a skill is something you would like to learn more of.

What are your thoughts on the available skills?