Restarters website not working

I am having a lot of trouble using the website from my phone. For example finding messages is really difficult and I cannot download the ics file for events to add to my calendar.

Hi Janna,

Thanks for this. It sounds like you’re experiencing a few issues. Let’s work through them one by one.

Finding messages
Do you mean private messages here on Talk? Or are you referring to specific public topics?

For private messages, the easiest way to find your inbox on mobile is to tap your profile picture when you’re on Talk. Any unread messages will be highlighted in orange and you can access your messags by tapping the envelope icon at the top right (tap the arrow at the bottom of that list to visit your inbox).

When looking for specific topics, I find the search function usually works quite well - just tap the magnifying glass :mag: at the top to do that. Browsing the forum by category can also help sometimes. To do that, go to the main forum page, tap the ‘Latest’ button and tap on ‘Categories’. You can also access any topics you’ve bookmarked :bookmark: in that menu.

Does that help?

ics event files
This also seems to be a problem for me when using mobile. I’ll create a bug report for this :+1:

Is there anything else making things difficult for you?

Thanks James,

Maybe having push notifications would help. The path from email notification to webapp is frustrating :tired_face: