Restarters-London Meetup group stilll supported?

I understand the preference for the events page over the restarters-london meetup group, but requires registration whereas events on meetup are publicly visible. Currently, Kilburn to Kensal are the only group with an event on meetup but there are 2 other events planned in London in Sept.

This has come to my attention because I need a publicly accessible Events link for the Resources page associated with my blog submission to the St Albans Climate Action Network Countdown to COP (publication w/b 13th sept).

It would be good if the events page could be made publicly accessible, together with event descriptions. RSVP links would initially have to redirect to the Login page but something more lightweight would be more appropriate to the average member of the public.

It would be good also to have the Events page (and the wiki, which doesn’t need registration to read) linked from the main pre-login page.

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Hey Philip,

I totally understand wanting a publicly accessible link for events and totally agree. In fact, all events created on Restarters do appear available publicly on Restart’s main site:

(the exceptions to this are events created in a different network within Restarters, such as Repair Together - these appear on the network’s own external site)

Does that more or less cover this? Or did you have something else in mind?

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Hi James -

Thanks, yes, that's exactly what I need! (A brain slightly less

addled than mine might have got there by itself!)

Best regards - Philip
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The Restart Project’s events page appears in searches - try a google search for repair cafe event near me and see what you get