Repairable and upgradable laptops

Hi everyone

I remember hearing from someone fairly recently - possibly at Restart’s 10th anniversary celebration - about a relatively new laptop producer on the market that, like Fairphone, designs its products to be both easily repairable and upgradable, but I can’t for the life of me remember what the company is called.

Anyone know?

Also, apart from Fairphone for phones, if anyone knows of other brands / products that are designed to be repairable (and ideally upgradable) - whatever the product - then would be great to know.


Ian Morris


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See this thread:

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Hi Ian,

I think we had this conversation at Restart’s 10th birthday party. If so, then yep, it was definitely Framework, as Lawrence and Panda have linked to above.

By the way, I’ve merged the two topics you made about this to keep it all in one place. Hope that’s ok!

Thanks James, and yes I think we might have discussed - just clean forgot the name and couldn’t find it when I searched for it.