Repair zine

I’m wanting to start putting together a repair zine to have on hand at events which contain some common repairs with resources, general skills, cleaning and maintenance and whatever else people think could be relevant. I was thinking to make it as an editable InDesign file which can be added to or filtered for it’s desired purpose eg only electronics, or full repair cafe focus.

Reaching out to see if anyone has had similar ideas and started work on it or if anyone is interested in helping with content. I’ve been running a repair cafe for a year so have some ideas of common topics but I’m sure there are many more knowledgeable people who could add a lot.

Also keen to find someone who’d like to contribute on the illustration side of things. Very important to have good visuals!

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What a great idea Zac!

At Fixfest in Brussels the other week, Linn from the German Repair Café network Anstiftung presented their repair zine called ‘Splitter’.

They’ve been running it for years now, and we first learned about it at Fixfest in 2019. Here are the notes Janet took back then:

They publish editions on their site here, though obviously it’s in German:

Worth a look for some inspiration though :slight_smile:

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