Registration feedback

Restarters can now self-register on to As part of this, there is a sign up process.

We have a pre-signup onboarding/list of features, followed by registration completion, followed by a welcome.

The 4 steps of registration are:

  • skills
  • profile information
  • email opt-in
  • data consent

How do you feel about the sign up process?

We’re really interested in getting some feedback here, as it is crucially important to bringing in new volunteers and scaling community repair :slight_smile:

Two potential improvements for the registration process:

  1. Profile information - drop-downs are not obvious, could we add “please select country” / “please select year” rather than having them as field

  2. Data consent - compared to previous email opt-in, it’s not clear that this is mandatory, we could perhaps add a sentence before the two (three) tick boxes OR change title to something like Please give your required consent to our uses of the data you enter

These both make sense and are straightforward to do. I’ve added to Github to be scheduled:

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I’ve created a new First Aid skill to the list - ideally the Restarter would somehow confirm they have received a certificate in First aid in the last three years?

Additionally, I’d like to make this and Electronics Safety as visible as possible to hosts when they glance at who has RSVP’ed. Perhaps these could gain some special visual status as well, like an extra icon, or a “badge” on user avatars?

Is there a way to include the “top” countries at the top of the country menu, so that it’s faster for people to pick the correct country?

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That is quite simple to do yes (I’ll throw it out there though that some argue it’s a bit offensive if your country is not in the top list, I guess we would do something like top 10 countries based on where existing user demographics?)

This is what I meant :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We notice that a huge number of users, something like 60%, do not give a location. This makes it difficult for them to find a group near them, but it also makes it hard for us to know where to prioritise support.

Is requiring a location a bad idea? (We only require a country currently.)

It depends how you define location. Do you mean ask the browser to give its precise geolocation (GPS or otherwise derived), or the user entering a location, and if so a town, a borough, a ward, a post/zipcode?

I would suggest that down to borough-level granularity or first part of the postcode (for the UK) is fine. A smaller granularity may make some reluctant to give valid info and also likely be difficult to implement in a GDPR compliant way.

Sorry for my lack of precision. We currently have a Town/City field which is not required, would it be a bad idea to make this required?