Protest & Repair Banners

Hi all,

Does anyone have any banners that they use at Climate Strikes etc? We’re just working on one in Portsmouth, and are looking for inspiration and sense checking what we’re currently thinking of.


Hi Clare,

Great question! Here are a few we’ve used and seen:

  • Fix the planet
  • Repair for future
  • In a disposable society, to repair is to rebel
  • No more disposable products
  • Repair our planet
  • I’m here for my kids (and yours too)
  • Repair don’t despair

Here are some of them in action:

There’s also another topic about this here:

Here’s a jumper-banner by @Bridget_Harvey and a “Secondhand First” banner with friends from 2015.

@panda is always interested in a good slogan

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Brilliant…these are great! Should get the designers thinking…I’ve done a shout out to the city, and am excited to see what comes back.