Right to Repair chants/placard slogans


So @james and @ugo need some creative inspiration for Monday in Brussels. And we’d love to have more Right to Repair chants/slogans for use in the “Menders Bloc” at future climate marches.

I’m going to kick this thread off, but please share your most creative R2R chants, @Bridget_Harvey @Dave I’m thinking of you! Oh and @panda because you love a good slogan.

What do we want?!
When do we want them?
NOW, and for at least 7 years!!


The fixers, united, will never be defeated!

First-ever protest for Right to Repair?

Dieter Rams’ principles could be useful here; in particular ‘Less, but better’. There’s so much in that pithy rule though it may be too condensed to get the message out.

Some of the t-shirt mottos can be used as slogans too. For the current campaign, Cory’s ‘Screws, not glue’ is particularly apt.

For a placard this sentence from the Economist would work well: ‘In a disposable society, to repair is to rebel.’


Great one. (This reminds me of a sports chant from my childhood “Nuts and bolts! Nuts and bolts! WE GOT SCREWED!”)

This one is also super timely, what with Extinction Rebellion, and well, the general Zeitgeist (although “rebellion” needs to be politically clever to avoid populist rabbit holes.)


Thanks for the inspiration @Panda - I’ll share pictures and keep you all posted :slight_smile:


More photos/video in a new thread…


Another couple of good ones we used this morning were:

Long live the fridge!

(pertinent given today’s vote was related to fridge repair)


Don’t treat us like fools. Let us use our tools!

:muscle: :wrench:


Here’s “Long live the fridge” in action