Please share our European Right to Repair video and petition through your local group

Hope you’ve seen we’ve launched a petition for Europe to act on more repairable smartphones. We’re using the hashtag #LongLiveMyPhone. The clock is ticking, and we have less than two weeks to hold the European Commission to the plans they’ve hinted at. We know lobbyists are working hard behind the scenes to stymie this.

We’re nearing 15,000 signatures, but we’d like to double or triple this number.

Thanks to @Clare_Seek and @Marie_Lefebvre who have been campaigning and raising awareness at events in Portsmouth and in Leicestershire, and to @Stuart_Ward who blogged about this!

In case you haven’t seen, we released a video about smartphones:

Help out!

We would be super grateful if you could share the video and the petition ( with your grassroots community group.

:pray: :email: Email is the best way of urging people to act. Please send it around if you can!

If you have an extra volunteer at your next repair event, you can encourage people to watch the video and sign the petition.

Here’s how you can help on social media.

Twitter: On Twitter you can retweet this post ( or use this link for the video (, which elegantly embeds the Campaign’s own video in your own tweet - no need to ‘quote tweet’.

Facebook: Please use our original pinned post ( and “Share with your Page / Group” but remember that it’s helpful to include your own text (or simply copy/paste ours).

Instagram: Easiest to share our video in a Story ( But feel free to create a post with a screengrab, and add the YouTube link to your bio.


I’m wondering whether you can help in particular @Andreu, @catherine_causley, @Cerys_Jones, @CHRIS_MCCARTNEY, @Jonathan_Vigne, @Lorna_Montgomery, @Mike_Kavanagh, @Nicole, @Repair_Cafe_Glasgow, @Sergio, @steve.cousens and @Victoria_Jackson - it would be great to spread the word, especially in the UK, Spain and Italy, which are massively under-represented in the number of signatures at the moment.

:uk: & :norway: You may ask: is this relevant to people in the UK and Norway as well? Yes, indeed! Europe is best placed to make a universal Right to Repair reality, by influencing repairability regulation globally. Which is why we’re asking people from all over Europe for their support - whether living in the EU or not!

We have subtitles for the video in French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian (and a whole video in German), but we’re still missing a number of European languages.
@Jessika_Richter, @Kaja_Juul_Skarbo, @Rosalie_Heens, could anyone in your networks help us add Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch?

Update: we’ve now added Dutch

The subtitle file in English is here: (1.3 KB)

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Hi James

Good to hear from you.

Where do I find the video with subtitles in Italian?



Hi @Mike_Kavanagh,
The easiest way to watch it with subtitles is to watch it on/via YouTube. Just click the cog icon at the bottom, then on subtitles/CC and select the language you want :+1:


(YouTube link)

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Hello James,

can you tell me where I can find the Italian subtitled version of the video?

I haven’t’ found it in R2R Eu YouTube channel.

Thank you.


Hi @Sergio, you can find the instructions for viewing the Italian subtitles in my post above :slight_smile:

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We used this #LongLiveMyPhone

In the recent Repair Cafe Market Harborough event and got some pictures too if you’d like to see them

Best Regards Steve

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Hi @steve.cousens, that’s great to hear - we’d love to see pics!

I’m working on our MP to do some social media coverage on this, and they’ve asked me for copy. Anything predone for MPs, or shall I just adapt that is already here?


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Thank you James!

I was wrong, thinking it was a different video.

The petition is near to be closed, so we have no time to ask for or create something easier, immediate to see.

Kind regards.

Thank you so much for your support.


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Can you explain a little better? So your MP wants to promote pressure on the EC? Or they want to know how to support here in the UK? (Because the message here is: nothing less than what the EU has.)

I’ve asked him to support the #LongLiveMyPhone campaign and promote the petition so his constituents sign it. Have sent him some thing, so hoping he’ll put it out this week. Haven’t tackled anything about UK specific stuff currently, other than getting him to sign the Manchester Declaration.

We’re uploading a video to our Facebook page

Thanks & Best Wishes. Steve

Market Harborough Fixers C.I.C.

@james Swedish version here:

Brilliant, thanks so much @Jessika_Richter! I’ve uploaded it to Facebook (here) and will make sure it gets onto YouTube too :+1:

And thanks for that too @steve.cousens!


Hi there! We couldn’t find the video with Swedish and tried adding it to youtube, but can’t see that it has been successful? Also, a volunteer also got Polish, Greek and Czech translations:

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Amazing, thanks so much Jessika! I wasn’t able to add them to YouTube last week, but @Chloe should be able to do that. We’ll work on adding Polish, Greek and Czech asap too :+1:

Correction! I sent the wrong Greek file, should be this one:

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