Online social & intro to our repair data

Ever wondered why we’re so into repair data here on Restarters? Now is your chance to find out at this online summer social event :sunglasses:

On the 31st of July, we’re hosting an informal session about what repair data is, why it’s useful and how you can dive into it, even if you’re completely new to the whole thing.

Everyone is welcome! It will be a chance to hang out with others from the community as we explore our new data quest, BattCat.

It’s all online, so you’ll just need an internet-connected device (ideally a desktop, laptop or tablet) and any refreshments you fancy :tropical_drink: :wink:

Please RSVP below if you’d like to come along.

Here are the details:


Saturday, July 31, 2021 1:00 PM (TZ) for 2 hours (you can drop in and out)


:globe_with_meridians: Online (we’ll send you the link when you RSVP below)

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A quick reminder that this summer social and data dive is happening on Saturday afternoon! :tada:
All details above

Tagging the @Data delvers too - anyone up for coming along? :slight_smile:

A huge thanks to Andrew, Dale, @David_Marks, @Deborah, @hkoundi, @Mike_Tyran, @Monique, Steve and @GUIVI_ELIAS_OPPORTUN_C for coming along today! It was fun and we made amazing progress on Battcat. Together we submitted well over 1,000 opinions, getting the quest from around 20% complete to 60% in just 90 minutes! Pretty good :wink:

If you enjoyed BattCat, feel free to dip in again and carry on the conversation here. You could also try out TabiCat, which is the same kind of quest but just focused on broken tablets.

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