Online skillshare: First aid for TVs (how to save a TV from landfill)

Have you ever seen a discarded TV lying on the street or in a bin and wondered whether it could be salvaged? Well, @Tony_Brown has! Over the last few years, Tony has been rescuing and repairing discarded TVs and monitors to give them a new lease of life with new owners.

Join us for this online skillshare where Tony will walk us through some simple steps to save LCD TVs and monitors from landfill. We’ll cover:

  • how to diagnose what’s wrong with a TV
  • common issues to look out for & how to fix these (from cleaning, to remote controls and software)
  • replacing modular components
  • adding ‘smart’ functionality to ‘dumb’ TVs

Because our focus is on “TV first aid”, we’ll focus on issues that are easier to fix and won’t be diving into more complex solutions, such as board-level repairs.

This session is open to everybody, no experience required!

To help us get a sense of numbers, please let us know if you’d like to join by voting on the poll below.

Here are the details:

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2022-05-30T18:30:00Z for 1 hour.
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This session will take place on Zoom. Click below to reveal the link:

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I’ve circulated this to my team and some of them want to come along, and another wants to see it afterwards…I can’t express that on your voting system (have encouraged them to also sign up)

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That’s great, thanks Clare :slight_smile:
The poll is just to help us get a sense of numbers, it’s not strictly an RSVP/booking thing, so that’s fine.

Cool…and is it likely to be recorded? (It’s half term some are away and can’t get to the live event.)

Yep, there will be a recording :+1:


Great! Due to timezone consideration a recording is really welcome. Danny will look forward to viewing it as he is self taught when it comes to electronics and fixing TVs from e-waste bins. These TVs are great to practise on and/or for parts.

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Hi James I added it to my calendar using the link and it entered it on 19th May

Oops! Thanks for letting me know Peter! I’ve corrected the link now, sorry for the confusion.

And while I’m posting, just a reminder that this session is happening today, from 7:30pm (UK time)

The session has now finished. Thanks to everybody who came along, and a special thanks to @Tony_Brown for a fascinating dive into the world of TV first aid! :raised_hands: :tv: :hammer_and_wrench:

I’ll process, edit and upload the recording over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks James see you later

Hi everyone,

The recording is up! You can find it here:

A huge thanks once again to @Tony_Brown for a great session :raised_hands:

Pinging everyone who said they’d like to see the recording:
@Ian_Barnard, @amine_2239, @Mick_Rooke, @Clare_Seek, @Donna_Lister, @Manu_RepairTogether, @sami, @Chris_Kilby, @Angela_1472, @Michael_Peleties, @Connie, @Mend_It_Australia, @Jae_Altham, @Stewart_Mason, @Mark_Edwards, @Clive_Street, @Michael_Barrett-Wright, @sarah_blackman

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Fantastic work, Tony!

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