New to the community: mentors and growing a repair group

Whilst I have no technical skills thus far I would be keen to learn how to do basic repairs to some devices. Do you have mentors? Also I have ideas about how I could get you more skilled people to join the group.

That’s great to hear @Mrs_Zofia_Benfield! Of the groups you’ve followed, it looks like Restarters West London are currently most active. Group host @Rosemary is co-organising an online Restart Party on the 22nd of the month and may well be interested to connect about those ideas you have.

As for mentors, you may be interested in the Rosie the Restarter events we run (in non-pandemic times). In the meantime, you’re also welcome to ask for advice about specific repairs in the #repair-stories:repair-help category. Perhaps our London network co-ordinator @Vanessa_Ternes has additional suggestions?

P.s. I’ve moved this conversation to a new topic so we can focus on this properly without derailing the original topic :slight_smile:

HI in your quest for mentors there are meny diferant fields and i dont think there is a one fits all as been said ask the queton on the forums i have vast exp on domestic items but usless with pc, phones and such items good luch and lots of help on here


Hi @Mrs_Zofia_Benfield, welcome! :slight_smile: It’s great to have you here.

@james Already mentioned our Rosie the Restarter events. At these events for women and non-binary people, we learn about electronics repair together in a relaxed and open environment.

Additionally, a good way to learn more is by joining a Restart Party and following an experienced repairer. That’s a good way to get hands on and learn more about repair.

Unfortunately, these in-person events are on hold at the moment - but you are very welcome to join once they are back!

Hi Zofia
Welcome to Restarters West London. Where are you located, as you may like to visit a ‘real’ event when they start again? Meanwhile, I’d be interested in your ideas of recruiting more skilled people.

Best wishes

I live in Kew. I certainly think you could advertise on next door. I’m subscribed to a group called restless who send interesting emails about retirement to subscribers. It would certainly be worthwhile telling everyone about what do you do on their website. I think you would get lots of interest.

Kind regards


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