Making plans for International Repair Day 2020

Hi everyone,

October is (somehow) just around the corner and with it, this year’s International Repair Day!

:spiral_calendar: International Repair Day, 17 October 2020

If this is your first Repair Day, click/tap here for a quick primer.

International Repair Day is a joint initiative of the Open Repair Alliance. It’s celebrated on the third Saturday of October every year and aims to highlight the value of repair and promote global community efforts to fix the stuff we own.

:framed_picture: What happened last year? See photos from Repair Day 2019 events around the world

This year, the theme is: Repair is Essential, a nod to our belief in the fundamental importance of repair, especially during a pandemic. We want to celebrate the efforts of repair communities, individuals and businesses, making repair possible when we need it the most.

Find the full details over at the Open Repair Alliance:

What you can do right now

Plan your celebration of the day with your community :tada:! Given most of us won’t be able to run our usual community repair events this year, don’t be afraid to get creative! Repair Day is a great opportunity to reach out beyond our usual circles and shout about repair. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • invite a local repair business to talk about their work
  • run a ‘how to repair a…’ workshop
  • run an online repair event
  • if you’re running a laptop donation scheme, publish an article about it
  • livestream a repair or share a repair story on social media
  • … or anything that can get people excited about repair where you are

What are you thinking of doing to celebrate Repair Day?

Got an event planned? Don’t forget to register it here:

^ and on that note, @Jessika_Richter, thanks for being ahead of the game as usual, having already organised an online repair event. @Stuart_Ward, I notice Reading Repair Café have an online event the next day too (still counts :wink: ). Also, @Jonathan_Vigne, I think I see some events across the Repair Together network happening that weekend too!


Hi all…I’m just catching up on about 6 months worth of emails (gulp) and we always want to do something around International Repair Day! I like the #RepairHeroes idea that has been muted with the #RightToRepair campaign team, and think we’ll try and do a social media campaign locally to get people to nominate their local #RepairHeroes from this year…which local business, friend, collegue, neighbour went above and beyond and see if we can hunt out some good news stories to encourage more repair. Might even try to hunt out a local artist to create graphic novel type poster of some of those nominated.


Cool idea! We would love to share that :heart_eyes:

hi all,
just to inform you in case our experience is helpful.

we’re based in the Leicestershire midlands & we’ve decided no large meetings are feasible for many months now due to a resurgence of covid

our solution is to have weekly , 2 people mini events in collaboration with a local Ecocentre , costs of the space are of course much higher per fix with only 2 fixers active per event.

However we’ve seen a good response & welcome from the local community with it also enabling us to meet new & old friends & volunteers, as well as showing our financial supporters that funds are being used to facilitate repairs

any suggestions or questions do ask.


In London, we’ll use the day to map repair businesses for addition to our Repair Directory. We will run a mixture of online events and small group activities - have a look at this thread for all information:


There’s less than one week to go before Repair Day! :hammer_and_wrench: :tada:

Here’s some last minute info for everyone keen to join the festivities:

Running an event?

If you’re planning an event on Saturday (or even Friday or Sunday) and you haven’t already added it to the global map of Repair Day events, you can do that here. If you’ll be fixing things at your event, please also add your event on this site, where you’ll be able to log your repairs and measure your impact.

Want to join an event?

There’s plenty going on with dozens of events planned, some online and some in-person. You can find the global map of events right here:

Want to promote the day on social media?

You’re in luck! There are a handful of social-media-ready cards for you to use, available in 9 languages so far (thanks to @Holly_Davies!)


You can find these cards here

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Hi Repair cafe Bengaluru is conducting online training for the children of Euro School , Whitefield ( Bengaluru, India) on home electricals( 12 yrs and above)


HI Purna

That is nice. When i’ve joined this place in " March 2020 ", @james mentioned you when i said i am Based out of Bengaluru. I know " Antara Mukherji " she is one of the facilitators in my Son’s school in Bengaluru.

Nice to know and see that such training is happening / organised for Kids. I will try to see if the same kind of event can be conducted at my Son’s school as well.

Thanks Again. All the Best.


Thanks for responding here. Actually Antara had been organizing repair cafe workshops at your son’s school ( Beme?)before lockdown. Also we did a virtual program for children called tinker kinder in which few children from your son’s school have joined. Please check our facebook page repair cafe bangalore for update on events. Actually our marketing had been pretty pathetic. Our reach is poor. Even now am strugging for participants for troubleshoot training event for adults starting from 25th oct…Thanks Purna

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In London, we are using International Repair Day to celebrate our repair “heroes” - the businesses and volunteers that make London’s repair community so strong.
We interviewed some of these heroes for our latest video. Have a look here: