Happy #RepairDay! Share your celebration here

Happy International Repair Day everyone! :tada:

With over 300 events planned in 26 countries, people all over the world are celebrating the joy of repair.

How are you celebrating? Share photos or stories here to let everyone know what’s happening where you are :slight_smile:

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We did our first #childrenrepaircafe at Bangalore …about 40 children visited, with the help of repair coaches (14 bicycles repaired, about 10 soft toys were repaired by children, about 10 plastic toys were fixed mostly mechanical problems and about 20 bookbinding happened (repairing and making ))…school has invited us … they are teaching circular economy to their children …We are really thrilled :grin:#HappyRepairDay!


Salut à tous.
La pluie matinale qu’il y a eu ce matin n’a pas empêché les participants de rallier l’espace réservé à notre #BLODOTHON ce jour pour célébrer la #RepaiDay à Porto-Novo au Bénin. Avec l’aide de nos bénévoles, 11 smartphones et 5 laptops ont été réparés au grand bonheur des participants. C’était vraiment intéressant cette première expérience pour mon ONG @Voacitoyennes et mon club #Les100tinelFixClubBénin :man_mechanic:



Hi , here in Barcelona we made a Repair Cafe with Banco de Objetos to celebrate the International Repair Day!
We repaired a couple of table lamps, a radio , a pair of loudspeakers and a PC monitor.
Great Day!



Some great photos and stories Purna, Elias and Andreu, thanks so much for sharing! :green_heart:

@Purna, it’s really inspiring to see you working with a school like that and to hear that the school is teaching pupils about the circular economy! I know a number of us in the community are interested in exploring how to promote repair in an educational context, including Vita at @Culture_of_Repair and @Antonio_Alessio_dikdust_D.

Congratulations on your first event @GUIVI_ELIAS_OPPORTUN_C! It looks like it went well and it’s great to hear that you fixed 16 devices - really impressive for a first event! Feel free to add the repair data you collected on the wall to your event in the Fixometer :wink: Are you planning on running more events soon?

@Andreu, thanks for sharing those photos - looks like a fun event! Collaborating with the Banco de Objetos sounds like a great idea. There are a few other groups who work with tool libraries too :slight_smile:

In London, Restart HQ ran an event too! We’ve written a blog post about it here:


Plus videos of Rob from Lovefone - on Google’s ban on independent repair business ads

And Twaleb from Armstrong Audio - on the need for extended access to spare parts

La réussite a été au-delà de nos attentes. Même la pluie n’a pas émoussé l’envie des participants.
Je vais insérer d’ici peu les données collectées.
Merci pour tout ton accompagnement.

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Great day at our new venue at Chesterfield, Derbyshire UK. Good space and helpful layout which meant people could watch and get involved in repairs. And we offered refreshments. Day included visit from ITV Calendar - shown on Tuesday 22 October.


Well done @Margaret_Hersee. Fixing is the solution. :clap: