Logging repairs made outside of events

James et al.,

Is it possible to log ad-hoc repairs to the fixometer that are not attached to an event, (but possibly only to a fixer or group)? If so how? If not is this something under consideration please?


Hi Divya,

This has come up a few times before and you can see the previous discussion on Github.

The tl;dr: is that this is something we’d like to support, especially if it would motivate repairers to use Restarters.net more. However, it’s not been on our list of priorities yet and we still have some questions about how it would work (especially when it comes to the veracity of data added).

Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #restarters-dev:feature-requests and we can resume these conversations :slight_smile:

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Posting a related question here from @Rosalie_Heens

Given that these repairs do happen at events and are part of a wider scheme, I’d be less worried about the veracity of data collected than when repairs are made outside of events by individual repairers. Although as you say, Rosalie, these events aren’t designed for participatory community repair but more like training sessions or repair service.

From a data-collection standpoint, I think it would make sense to facilitate this, particularly as it could offer the repairers a double benefit: improving repair skills and contributing to the movement’s data assets. The downside would be that we’d have to start changing the way we talk about the data we all collect - i.e. no longer ‘collected at community repair events’.

Would be interesting to hear from the rest of the @Staff-team on this one

I agree that data from events such as the ones described by @Rosalie_Heens makes perfect sense for inclusion. They’re still events organised by a group. They might well be an opportunity for volunteers to get involved with documenting and contributing more detail data about a repair they’re doing. The way we describe this would have to change to data about activities by community repair groups (or something similar).

These could be logged already, using the current system, but without announcing the events if they’re not public (so, posting them after an event take place). However, if the goal is to promote them to volunteers, an alternative solution might be needed.

@Divya_Pujara makes some good points in his post on github (link above). Repairs done by groups in ad-hoc situations, such as makerspaces and schools, are similar to what Rosalie mentions. Repairs done by individuals on their own are quite different: in the sense that the social element at the heart of community repair wouldn’t be there anymore.

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Dag Ugo en James,

Bedankt voor jullie reacties.

Zelf denk ik dat het de vrijwilligers zeker kan motiveren om de fixometer, wiki en platform te leren kennen en gebruiken. Deze vrijwilligers doen, naast dit project, ook ‘gewone’ Repair Café’s, open voor het publiek. Er is dus veel kans dat ze de fixometer nadien ook gaan gebruiken voor die community repair activiteiten.

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